Who is Carole Bouquet, Charlotte Casiraghi's beautiful mother-in-law

Chi è Carole Bouquet, la suocera bellissima di Charlotte Casiraghi

Film diva and former model, Carole Bouquet is Charlotte Casiraghi's beautiful mother-in-law

Carole Bouquet is Charlotte Casiraghi's beautiful mother-in-law. Former model and actress, at 63 she is gorgeous, so much so that she competes with the famous daughter-in-law with whom it is rumored that there has been some tension in the past. Born in 1957, originally from Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, Carole came to the cinema almost by chance, after a painful childhood, marked by the divorce of her parents and the abandonment of her mother.

He was only twenty years old when he made his debut in Quelloscuro Object of Desire, chosen by director Luis Buñuel. From that moment her career took off and Bouquet became a beloved diva all over the world. Muse of French cinema, she also lands in Italy, shooting several films with Dino Risi, Adriano Celentano, Francesco Nuti and the Vanzina brothers. In the United States she conquers Andy Warhol, becoming friends with Jackie Onassis and Lauren Bacall. In 1981 he shoots For Your Eyes Only, a film in the James Bond saga in which he stars alongside Roger Moore, obtaining the consecration.

In 1989 she obtained the prestigious César as best actress, while Chanel elected her testimonial, as happened also to Charlotte Casiraghi, his daughter-in-law and wife of his son Dimitri Rassam. Elegant, divine and never over the top, Carole Bouquet has experienced overwhelming loves. The first-born Dimitri was born from her first marriage with Jean-Pierre Rassam in 1981, but the joy was soon destroyed by the death of the producer who left her a widow at only 28 years old. In 1987, Carole gave birth to Louis, the fruit of her bond with Francis Giacobetti, a famous photographer.

Reserved and very close to Italy, she has reduced her commitments to take care of her children and, over the years, has often taken refuge in her estate in Pantelleria. At 63, Carole is a splendid grandmother and a great actress, able to overshadow even a diva like Charlotte Casiraghi. Bouquet has always had an excellent relationship with Caroline of Monaco, whom she has known for many years. “We met twenty-somethings in Paris, then we never saw each other again – she confessed to Vanity Fair -: she had a lot of Monegasque busyness and I was always around, but we have mutual respect and admiration. Together we laugh. Who would have thought?".

Carole has always spoken of Charlotte with great delicacy and affection, but the French newspapers have often insinuated the existence of a rivalry between the two women. Some actresses, according to rumors, would have arisen after the birth of Balthazar, second son of the princess, already mother of Raphaël, had by Gad Elmaleh. Caroline of Monaco's daughter allegedly reproached her mother-in-law for not having spent enough time with her grandson due to too many commitments. Indiscretions never confirmed, also canceled by the last public appearances of the two women.

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