Who is Charlotte Siné, the new girlfriend of Charles Leclerc

Who is Charlotte Siné, the new girlfriend of Charles Leclerc

The new flame by Charles Leclerc is called Charlotte. There would be her behind the break with the historic girlfriend

The new girlfriend of Charles Leclerc is called Charlotte Siné. The Ferrari driver has been saying goodbye to his historical girlfriend Giada Gianni for some weeks now and it seems that he immediately launched into another relationship.

The lucky one is called Charlotte, she is from Monaco and is the daughter of a powerful entrepreneur. Model and Instagram influencer, Siné would have bewitched Leclerc enough to induce him to end the love story with the beautiful Neapolitan. The young woman is the daughter of Emmanuel Siné, the general manager of the Société des Bains de Mer, the oldest and most important entertainment company of the Principality of Monaco.

To announce the end of the love story with Charles Leclerc had been, some time ago, just Giada Gianni, who had shared a video in the Instagram Stories confiding in the followers: “Charles left me. He wants to dedicate himself only to Ferrari, ”explained the 21-year-old Neapolitan who lives in Montecarlo. Their love was born in 2015 just before the Formula One driver came to success, becoming one of the most admired and followed.

The couple, very much in love and close-knit, had often shared on Instagram shots that told trips to exotic destinations, anniversaries and competitions. Last June 19, just before the break, Giada and Charles had paraded on the red carpet of the prestigious Montecarlo TV Festival. On that occasion the two had seemed very much in love and close-knit, with complicit looks, kisses and hugs.

According to rumors, Charlotte and Charles have known each other for some time and the young model would have been a friend of Giada Gianni. In a video from the past published by the weekly Oggi, you can see the Formula One driver at the disco. Together with him the Siné, but above all the ex-girlfriend. The girls dance together and have fun making you think of a love triangle which, perhaps, has not yet been revealed.

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