Who is cherry red lipstick like Valentina Ferragni’s good for?

Who is cherry red lipstick like Valentina Ferragni's good for?

Red lipstick is a must this spring, in all its shades: let’s discover the cherry color sported by Valentina Ferragni!

The cherry color is a intense red with nuances of fuchsia. It is a very eye-catching color, which inevitably draws the viewer’s attention to the wearer’s lips.

valentina ferragni cherry lipstick


Less decisive than the intense red, for sure more youthful and cheeky it is perfect for creating spring looks simple but impressive.

Among the many points in favor of this color there is also its greatness versatility, which makes it perfect for both glamorous and daytime makeup.

Always by virtue of its great versatility can be used for looks that are suitable for all ages. On a young woman it can be romantic and pop, on a woman over 40 it is instead youthful, particular and with a hint of eccentricity.

Who is cherry lipstick good for like Valentina Ferragni?

Even if it’s hard to believe red is not necessarily a warm color. In fact, in cosmetics we speak of cold red and hot red to indicate different shades of this color. Also applies to cherry red.

cherry lipstick spring 2022


In fact, cherry red contains small amounts of blue / light blue that transform the pure red into the wonderful cherry shade. It follows that it is a color that is both warm and cold.

For this reason, cherry red lipstick looks good on all skin tones (therefore on light skin and on dark skin) but above all blends in with all undertones (i.e. cold, warm and neutral).

The only detail to pay attention to when building a look with this lipstick is therefore the choice of color, which must be of a shade perfectly in harmony with our complexion.

To make the right choice it is necessary identify the undertone of our skin.

If you have greenish dark circles and veins on the wrists that are more green than blue it means you have a warm undertone.

If, on the contrary, yours dark circles and the veins in your wrists appear bluish or purple means that the undertone of your skin is cold.

If it is rather difficult to identify the color of your dark circles, which appear mostly as brown areas under the eyes, it means that your undertone is neutral, so you can play happily with all the colors and all the shades of make-up possible.

How does cherry lipstick match?

Since cherry lipstick is so flashy and so pop our advice is to focus on a very elegant and minimal eye look as the winged eye liner.

It is a super classic and elegant makeup, also chosen by Valentina Ferragni. All the graphic variations of the eyeliner makeup that have been having so much success in recent months, but there is one detail to consider.

Graphic and eyeliner-based makeups only come well on smooth and wrinkle-free eyelids. If the eyelid begins to show slight “wrinkles” due to age, it is better to opt for a different look.

A good alternative to eyeliner of course is to do the same makeup but using one very soft black pencil, which will make the imperfections of the eyelid and the look less hard.

A different but very modern option is the contrast make up, which is based on the use of very strong, very intense and very different colors for eye make-up and lip make-up. In this case it is very important to combine them in a harmonious and appropriate way.

cherry lipstick look


Obviously, cherry red is also perfect to liven up the most classic of looks: even a simple and classic half cut crease made in neutral or even nude tones!

Making a nude eye makeup is the perfect strategy to introduce beautiful cherry red into our daily makeup without overdoing it. In this way the lips will be highlighted without excessively weighing down the final appearance of the make-up and you can wear this color serenely, without feeling “too much”.

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