Who is Claudia Marthe, Elodie's beautiful mother

Chi è Claudia Marthe, la bellissima mamma di Elodie

Claudia Marthe is Elodie's beautiful mother, identical to the star singer of "Amici" and the upcoming Sanremo

Claudia Marthe Mitai is Elodie's beautiful mother, identical to the singer. The two are very close and both have a strong character thanks to which they have overcome numerous difficulties in the past. Having achieved success thanks to Amici di Maria De Filippi, the singer comes from Quartaccio, a difficult neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome.

“There are families of all kinds – he explained to Vice – families who often struggle. But we were all united with our problems. I've always been very proud of the place where I grew up ”. Born in 1967, Claudia Marthe is originally from Guadeloupe, a small state in the Antilles. Beautiful, just like Elodie, she worked as a model and today she is a very popular artist who creates paintings with the collage technique. When she moved to Italy she also found love, marrying Roberto Di Patrizi with whom she had Elodie and Fey. For a while, the singer's father was a street artist, while her mother was a cubist. “I was ashamed that my father worked on the street, I felt judged – Elodie confessed -. My father was free, in the end it also takes courage. This thing has helped me to really give a damn about what people think. When I found out that my mother was a cubist I was angry. It seemed like a little good thing. I had let myself be engulfed by prejudices "

When the daughters were still small, the bond between Claudia Marthe and Roberto began to crumble. Elodie confessed several times that she suffered a lot due to the separation of her parents. "I was 8 when my parents separated – he recalled – there was violence in the house, they didn't separate well. I had a younger sister and I tried to be protective. I was very angry, I thought it would be right to preserve myself ”.

After the divorce, Claudia Marthe faced another difficult test, defeating a serious illness. Charming and splendid, she has an excellent relationship with her daughter, "The relationship with my mother has changed a lot over time – revealed Elodie -, she is very exuberant, she comes from a different culture".

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