Who is Claudio Gioè: protagonist of Vite in Fuga with Anna Valle

Chi è Claudio Gioè: protagonista di Vite in Fuga con Anna Valle

The secrets and career of Claudio Gioè, actor of the moment and protagonist of "Vite on the run"

Successful actor and reserved man, Claudio Gioè is the protagonist of Vite in Fuga, the TV series with Anna Valle. Born in 1975, Claudio was born in Palermo and after attending high school he moved to Rome, graduating from the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art. Complete and committed artist, he attended several seminars with Luca Ronconi, also engaging in dance and singing.

“I was in classical high school – he told Vanity Fair talking about his beginnings – and a circular about a theater course had passed, out of curiosity I went there, I liked cinema and we used to play making films with friends. Then I applied to the Academy of Rome, but I enrolled in letters because I didn't hope for it, I didn't have the recommendations I needed. Instead they took me ”.

In his career Claudio Gioè has moved with agility between theater, cinema and TV. In 1988 he made his big screen debut with Luca Guadagnino's The Protagonist. He later starred in The Hundred Steps and The Best of Youth by Marco Tullio Giordana. We also saw it in Stay with me by Livia Giampalmo, And if tomorrow by Giovanni La Parola, Piano, solo by Riccardo Milani. On TV, Gioè starred in very famous fiction such as Operation Odyssey, Paolo Borsellino and Codice rosso. In 2007 he was Totò Riina in The Chief of Chiefs, while two years later he took on the role of Deputy Chief Ivan Di Meo in the miniseries Squadra antimafia – Palermo Oggi. Talented and chameleonic, Claudio was also in the cast of The thirteenth apostle, The mafia kills only in summer, The forest, The system and Undercover – The capture of Zagaria.

Despite being one of the most popular actors of the moment, very little is known about Claudio Gioè's love life. In his past there is a relationship with Pilar Fogliati, which lasted over four years and kept secret. To confess the love story was the actress, 14 years younger, who told of their love (now over) during an interview with Caterina Balivo's Vieni da Me. "It was a beautiful love story that I remember with affection and with a smile on my lips – he said – The age difference? I've never heard it. We were fine ”.

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