Who is Cristel Isabel Marcon di Riccanza

Young, beautiful and above all very rich: here are some interesting facts about Cristel Isabel Marcon

It was one of the protagonists of the first edition of Riccanza, the MTV show that tells the five-star life of some young people belonging to wealthy families, and today returns for the deluxe version of the transmission: we are talking about Cristel Isabel Marcon.

Born in 1990, born in Asolo (in the province of Treviso), Cristel is the only daughter of a couple of important entrepreneurs from Triveneto, who work in the Real Estate sector. After graduating in New Technologies for the Arts at the University of Venice, the young woman dedicated herself to a master's degree in Digital Fabrication at the IED in Milan. His was a rather arduous course of study, also due to the fact of having to continually move to attend classes. And perhaps for this reason the goals that the girl has achieved are so satisfying.

To pursue his passion, Cristel has been living in the Lombard capital for some time, and already has a remarkable curriculum in the field of graphic design. Any examples of his talent put into practice? In the past she worked as an editor for some important marketing blogs, and was Project Manager in the publishing and clothing sector for EXPO 2015, a major role – especially given her young age. But the project to which it is most closely connected is the first that it has carried out independently: it is called Paper Chic, a collection of jewels and accessories obtained by processing paper to obtain 3D sculptures.

In recent months, Cristel is committed to a new fashion project, which will soon be launched online. It is in fact at work on Celebrate Good Life, a line of luxury accessories that embrace the world of design and clothing. He also deals with Real Estate as his parents and organizes luxury private events. But to make it famous, both on television and on social media, was the transmission Riccanza. The girl has in fact participated in the first edition of the MTV docu-reality alongside characters like Tommaso Zorzi and Elettra Lamborghini, making herself known to the general public and showing her splendid life to 24 carats.

Today, Cristel Isabel Marcon is a well-known influencer, who boasts thousands of followers. A fame destined to grow, given that the young woman will be the protagonist of the new edition of Riccanza Deluxe, which brings together the best of previous seasons. In this way he will have the opportunity to return to TV a few years after his first time, and will give us other extra-luxury dreams.

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