Who is curtain bangs good for?

Who is curtain bangs good for?

Curtain fringe is one of the most loved trends by stars: here's how to choose it based on your face and treat it

The hair trends speak for themselves: the curtain fringe is the latest trend in terms of hair. On the other hand, the bangs are an evergreen that never goes out of fashion, highly appreciated by stars and models who show it off in many variations and different hairstyles; the open fringe, a light and scaled version, is ideal for giving character and elegance to a timeless classic, and is perfect for enhancing any face shape. In fact, the curtain fringe is considered within everyone's reach, a democratic and graceful solution that will allow you to give a touch of freshness to your look without excessively distorting your hair.

If you are thinking of giving a scissor stroke to your hair but you are afraid to regret it, the curtain bangs is the perfect solution to venture into the fantastic world of fringe without fear of disappointment: it is, on the other hand, a strung and jaunty haircut that thanks its asymmetries really suit everyone! With Tipsforwomens find out what are the advantages of this hairstyle, who it suits you and how to cut a fantastic curtain fringe yourself.


  • What is curtain fringe
  • Curtain bangs: that's why it looks good on everyone
  • Why choose curtain bangs
  • DIY Curtain Bangs: Here's how

What is curtain fringe

The fringe has always been one of the most loved and at the same time most feared hairstyles by women. In fact, it is a rather insidious haircut: if on the one hand it can give harmony and elegance to the facial features, on the other it requires a lot of maintenance, more or less regular features, and constant styling. However, there are different types of bangs, able to enhance any type of face and adapt to any style.

From the classic even fringe, perfect for those with straight hair and refined features, to the more jaunty bay bangs, capable of giving a rock and daring touch to every hairstyle, or there are the parade fringe, the Berlin style or side: for each their own style and luckily there is a type of fringe to suit all tastes. Among the many variations, the curtain fringe is a very chic and trendy solution, which frames the face delicately and gives harmony to the features.

Curtain bangs: that's why it looks good on everyone

Curtain fringe


Style derived from the 60s, made famous by the unforgettable Brigitte Bardot, the curtain bangs is characterized by a soft and layered styling, which therefore is able to enhance even the fullest faces and soften the most square faces: thanks to its shape parade and irregular, the dentelé fringe suggests verticality, helping to strategically lengthen rounder and chubby faces, while if you have a square or angular face it can help to balance proportions by suggesting harmony and softness.

It is no coincidence that it is a trend loved by the stars: Zooey Deaschanel and Alexa Chung have made it a real hair signature; Sienna Miller and Dakota Johnson have shown themselves fond of this hairstyle for several seasons now, but also celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Penelope Cruz and Bella Hadid have succumbed to the charm of curtain bangs.

Unlike the even fringe then, the curtain fringe is slightly open on the forehead, shorter and parade in the center, and longer on the edges, lightened by delicate scaling along the sides of the face, which make it suitable even for those who do not like hairstyles are too stiff and prefer natural hair. This style in fact adapts perfectly to all types of hair, from the smoothest or slightly wavy ones, to the most indomitable curls. The dentelé fringe also lends itself well to different types of haircuts, from long and layered hair for a vintage-style look, to shorter and symmetrical cuts such as a bob or a carré, to give a dynamic and original touch.

Why choose curtain bangs

Curtain fringe


If you are not convinced that the bangs are for you but you are fascinated by this irresistible hairstyle, the curtain fringe is the solution you are looking for. It is a very versatile and practical cut, which can be customized according to your personal needs and tastes: you can decide to wear it shorter and fuller to give a more voluminous effect to short or particularly thin hair, or you can choose a longer version long and parade that helps to hide imperfections and balance proportions, as in the case of a forehead that is too spacious or a face that is too elongated.

Curtain bangs are also ideal for those who love to experiment and try different looks every day: it goes perfectly with gathered hairstyles and chignons, but it can also enhance more casual hairstyles such as a messy bun or braids; in addition, thanks to the parrel cutting technique, it can be transformed without too much difficulty into a lateral tuft. But it can also be indicated for those who are always in a hurry and do not have time for elaborate styling: its jaunty style, in fact, allows it to be dried naturally for a messy chic touch that never tires.

Furthermore, its irregular structure means that it does not require particular maintenance and constant touch-ups by the hairdresser, as it is extremely glamorous even in the longest gringe version (from English grown out fringe, ie overgrown fringe). Finally, the dentelé fringe makes the bangs accessible also for those who have oily hair: being open and divided into locks it is not in direct contact with the forehead, therefore it tends to get dirty less easily; in any case, to avoid the risk of greasy hair, just use a dry shampoo to spray on the tuft before leaving the house.

DIY Curtain Bangs: Here's how

Often when you are in the mood for novelty and change, the most practical and effective method to give your look a boost is a nice stroke of the scissors: the fringe is an element of great style, capable of immediately giving that extra touch to your appearance. . Cutting the curtain fringe yourself is not that difficult, the important thing is to proceed step by step and follow this simple guide step by step.

  • To avoid the risk of damaging your hair, you will need to get a good pair of scissors before proceeding: it is very important that they are well sharpened, even better if new. At all hairdressing shops or online, not only can you get a pair of professional scissors, but you can also find practical accessories that could be very useful: for example, you can opt for a special clip, which will help you keep the hair and cut straight bangs in one go.
  • First, lightly dampen your hair so that it is easier to separate it into sections; then, taking the center of the nose as a reference, draw a central line with the comb that divides your head in two; then, starting from the center, draw a triangle that goes down diagonally towards the sides of the forehead, stopping more or less at the level of the eyebrows.
  • At this point, comb the portion of hair forward, and make sure it is as straight and regular as possible. In general, it will be sufficient to keep 2/3 fingers from the hairline to get a nice voluminous fringe, but it is good to keep in mind that for those with finer and thinner hair, it may be necessary to go a little further back.
  • After isolating the section to be cut, divide it again in two and select a central portion by taking a lock from the left and a lock from the right: hold this lock with a clip or between index and middle fingers, and proceed with a decisive cut, leaving the strand slightly longer than the final height you would like to have for your bangs.
  • To obtain the typical layered effect of the curtain fringe you will have to work parallel on two sides: after cutting the central portion, bring the locks half to the left and half to the right, and choose which side to proceed from; For example, if you want to work on the right side first, join the lock to be cut to the shortest tuft and, holding them between the index and middle fingers, slide your fingers diagonally so that the fingertips are facing upwards. Use the shorter section as a guide and cut the rest of the hair from top to bottom.
  • Finally, repeat the operation also on the other side and that's it! Dry the bangs to check that the height is right and dedicate to the finishing touches, making sure to cut only a few millimeters at a time so as not to risk doing damage.

If you really don't feel like cutting your hair yourself, or you are afraid of regretting your choice even by relying on an expert hairdresser, you can try to get a fantastic fake curtain bangs by styling your long hair, just like the supermodel Kendall Jenner. In this case, you just need to tie your hair in a high ponytail and elegantly wrap it around itself like a chignon, making sure that the tips fall on the forehead; fix the hair using underwire and shape the tips with the help of a straightener to recreate the curtain effect.

In short, with a little ingenuity and precision you can show off a super trendy curtain fringe without having to resort to scissors!

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