Who is Delia Duran, Alex Belli's new girlfriend (Mila Suarez's enemy)

Who is Delia Duran, Alex Belli's new girlfriend (Mila Suarez's enemy)

Let's find out who Delia Duran is, the new partner of Alex Belli and enemy of Mila Suarez, who spoke at GF 16

In the second episode of Big Brother, Delia Duran entered the house for a confrontation with Mila Suarez. The model, current girlfriend of Alex Belli, clashed hard with her rival, so much so that the two were about to get to the hands, between insults and bad words.

A very hard clash, born from the interest of both of them towards Alex Belli, former protagonist of Centovetrine and actor, often a guest of Barbara D’Urso's programs. The story between Delia and Belli began shortly after the end of the relationship with Mila and the model accused the colleague several times of having behaved badly towards her, seducing her partner while she was in the hospital.

Real name Nusat Del Valle Duran Perez, Delia Duran, is 31 years old and was born in Marida, Venezuela. Born in 1988, he studied marketing and acting, making his debut in Italy in the fiction Il bello delle donne… a few years later. She later took part in Honor and Respect and Furore, while in 2018 she was a small valley of Chiambretti in the La Repubblica delle Donne program.

The meeting with Alex Belli took place on the set of Furore where, between a clapperboard and the other, the two fell in love. Very active on Instagram, where she has thousands of followers, Delia Duran is passionate about fitness and loves to share photos and videos that tell her days with fans.

Little or nothing is known about her private life before the meeting with Alex Belli, even though Mila Suarez, during the clash at GF 16, accused her of having left her husband to be with the actor.

“Is there any evidence in which I brought other women home? – attacked Delia -. You are Muslim and show your boobs. Without Alex Belli you wouldn't be here. Do you want me to say who Ms. Suarez really is ?! You got your boobs and noses back. "

"Who are you? Mila replied. A married woman who slips into another man's bed. Many people tell me that you bring them women for fun. Shame on you, without dignity ”. To put an end to the discussion, Iva Zanicchi thought, with a caustic joke: "I feel like singing two owls on the dresser," said Barbara D’Urso's columnist.

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