Who is Dhalissia, the daughter of John Peter Sloan

Who is Dhalissia, the daughter of John Peter Sloan

Dhalissia is the daughter of John Peter Sloan, Zelig's beloved comedian who passed away at the age of 51

Her name is Dhalissia, the daughter of John Peter Sloan, the true great love in the life of the English comedian and actor. Divided between Great Britain and Italy, just like her famous dad, she was very close to the face of Zelig (recently returned program), who suddenly disappeared due to a respiratory crisis at just 51 years old.

Ironic and with an adventurous spirit, John had left England and Birmingham, where he was born, to travel around Europe. Music lover and guitarist, he had founded a band, The Max, active until 2000, the year of the birth of his daughter. Dark hair and intense gaze, Dhalissia inherited from her father a beautiful voice and passion for music, so much so that she often sang the songs included in the videos created by Sloan.

Little and nothing is known about Dhalissia, who has always lived in Italy with her father. The young woman has an Instagram profile which, however, has not updated for some time. All we know about her was told by John Peter who loved his daughter madly, so much so that he invented such a special name for her.
“It is a name that I invented – he had revealed some time ago as a guest of The words of the week on Rai Tre – because my name is John which is like saying Pasquale in Naples: and instead I wanted her to be unique because for me she is ( …) When she was younger she didn't appreciate it very much ”.

"At 17 years of age, like many of my peers, I left my home, my mother was looking forward to the fact that I removed the curtains, I am a very atypical Englishman," he told Il Quotidiano some time ago. I started touring Europe with the guitar, I was a busker, a street singer, first in Spain, Holland, Germany and then finally I arrived at home in Italy. The birth of my daughter Dhalissia changed my life. I understood that I had to stop being on the road that sooner or later I would end up badly. "

In the past, John Peter Sloan had never mentioned Dhalissia's mother, but he had never hidden his great love for his daughter. Protagonist of some videos posted on Facebook and of many funny comments, the young woman had a very strong bond with her dad.

Dhalissia, the daughter of John Peter Sloan – Source: Instagram

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