Who is Diego Dario, fiancé of Giulia Calcaterra of the Isola dei Famosi

Who is Diego Dario, the boyfriend of Giulia Calcaterra competitor of the Island of the Famous left on live TV

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Who is Diego Dario, Giulia Calcaterra's fiancé, shipwrecked from the Isle of the Famous? For the past few days there has been no talk of anything but the ex-tissue companion after the shipwreck was left live by her boyfriend in the last episode of the reality show.

While the group was in palapa in Honduras in fact, Alessia Marcuzzi announced to Giulia Calcaterra that her fiancé would leave her because of her somewhat too affectionate behavior towards Simone Susinna. The two castaways tied a lot on the Island of the Famous, so much so that they even slept together and this attitude would have caused Diego Dario to go on a rampage.

"There was no inappropriate behavior with Simone – explained Calcaterra, defending himself -. I don't believe in newspaper reconstructions and I'm sure we'll talk about it calmly once everything is finished. I'm just expansive and I behave like that with everyone. I think Dario is smart enough to understand the situation. "

Diego Dario has jumped to the news after the last episode of the Island of the Famous, but in reality the boy has always been attentive to his privacy and is far from the world of entertainment. Piedmontese from Cerano, near Novara, he is a diving instructor by profession. He and Giulia have been together for about two years and met in the fall of 2014. The former tissue before leaving for the Island of the Famous confessed to Domenica Live, interviewed by Barbara D'Urso, that she was very much in love with fiance.

As a demonstration of this on social networks there are many photos of the couple, between kisses, cuddles and holidays together, like the one in Australia or in Thailand. Diego Dario refused to participate in the episode of the Island of the Famous and his gesture was interpreted as the will to say goodbye forever to Giulia Calcaterra. From a few hours, however, a new message from the boy appeared on the social networks. "Let Giulia stay on that island!" He wrote replying to those who asked him to know more about his relationship with the girl -. Because it deserves to stay there !!! It's the only thing I have to tell you … #isoladeifamosi ".

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