Who is Donatella, Daria Bignardi's sister

Donatella is the sister of Daria Bignardi: the writer and the presenter have a very special bond

Passionate about writing and a lover of nature, Donatella is the sister of Daria Bignardi. Originally from Ferrara, she graduated in Literature in Bologna and worked as a teacher in high schools. He has always cultivated an interest in writing and literature. Very close to her sister Daria, Donatella studied family history, reconstructing it with photos, documents and testimonies. His life changed in 2012 when Emilia Romagna was hit by an earthquake.

That experience prompted her to write and Donatella first made La Telefonata, a story presented at the Turin Motor Show, then Buonasera Signora Luna, her first novel. But to tell Donatella Bignardi better than anyone else was Daria who published the book I will not leave you orphans in which she told the story of her family starting from the painful event of the death of her mother Giannarosa. “I've been thinking about this story for many years. Then the trauma of mourning and the encouragement of a reader gave me strength – he revealed some time ago, talking about his family and the novel -. It is the story of my family, an absolutely normal family, lived in a different Italy, more naive but perhaps better and more authentic.

Donatella and Daria Bignardi are very close. A bond that became even stronger after the death of his mother. “The relationship with my mother was one of great love, but also conflicting and stormy – explained the journalist to La Provincia -. Despite the quarrels, however, the deep love has remained unchanged over time and I have chosen to tell it, first of all to my children. It is a story made of simple discoveries such as the pleasure of making an elderly parent happy with a phone call (…) Despite the pain and difficulties, today I do not feel at all orphaned but full, satisfied. I learned that, for a parent but for every human being, the important thing is to give, to give without fear of making mistakes. Mistakes do not affect the love that can be given. My mother is no longer there but her lesson and her love remain ".

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