Who is Esa Abrate of Amici 2020

Chi è Esa Abrate di Amici 2020

Esa Abrate is among the students of "Amici 2020". He is 21 years old and is a prodigy singer who has conquered Rudy Zerbi

Esa Abrate is among the most promising competitors of Amici 2020. During the first episode, the singer struck everyone thanks to his talent, but also to his personal history. In fact, Esa was born in France, but he moved to Italy, he is 22 years old and since he was very young he has cultivated a passion for music.

The artist said that when he was just a child he always repeated to his mother: "I have music in my head", but only when he took a guitar in his hand did she understand what he meant. At the age of 9 he began studying ethnic guitar, piano and percussion. Although he is very young, he already has a long career behind him, it is no coincidence that he has become the youngest conductor. He later left everything to start singing. In front of the Amici 20 commission, Esa Abrate showed all his talent, but was unable to immediately convince Anna Pettinelli that he did not assign him the bench.

Arisa then told him: “I like you very much but I have few desks to assign…”. The most excited was Rudy Zerbi who said: “He is really music, yes, yes, yes, yes!”. Thus the young artist has won a place at Amici 20. Shortly after his entry into the talent of Maria De Filippi, Esa commented on the great achievement on Instagram. "I really struggle to understand what happened today – he wrote -. I can only thank friends for this opportunity and promise all of you that I will give my all from start to finish. I read you all and you make me really happy. It is a new journey and we will do it together ”.

Amici 20 marks an important milestone for Maria De Filippi's show, which has become a real cult of TV. In addition to Esa Abrate, the singing teachers – Rudy Zerbi, Anna Pettinelli and Arisa – have chosen other promising singers: Arianna Gianfelici, Luca Marzano (Aka7even), Giovanni Damian (Sangiovanni), Federica La Rocca, Leonardo Macchia (Elle), Giulio Musca, Letizia Bertoldi (La Lirica), Raffaele Renda, Carlo Evandro Ciaccia. Alessandra Celentano, Lorella Cuccarini and Veronica Peparini have instead selected the dancers: Samuele Barbetta, Giulia Stabile, Martina Miliddi, Rosa Di Grazia and Riccardo Guarnaccia.

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