Who is Eva Collé, model, artist and counter-current character

Who is Eva Collé, model, artist and counter-current character

Eva Collé is the Italian model, protagonist of a film that tells her nonconformist life. Here's what we know about her

Rebel, nonconformist, vagabond, shameless and mysterious. Eva Collé was, in the beginning, an underground phenomenon.

At the age of 27, the Italian model and artist who, by her proud admission, keeps herself above all as a sex worker in Berlin, made herself known for her cheeky statements via blogs and social networks, until she attracted the attention of a large audience and traditional media.

She was talked about and intrigued so much that she even became the protagonist of a film, Searching Eva, who recounts her in her daily life over the top. But who is Eva Collé really?

Few and fragmentary news concerning this girl who still retains an aura of mystery, a feature that fits perfectly with the character. We certainly know that she is a twenty year old Italian who lives in Berlin. Born in 1992, the narration she makes of herself is that of a bohemian of the third millennium, committed to living her life to the fullest, without restrictions and without limits, other than those imposed by herself.

Writer, activist, ex-drug addict, feminist and rebel. This is how this petite girl is told, who looking at her in the photo seems even younger than the age she declares. Evicted several times, she lives stray, hosted by friends. He has model experiences behind him, but he kept telling the world, in one of his best-known statements, that that's not his dream: a lot of work, little return, compared to his sex worker activity.

Eva says that her work "does not involve anything particularly extreme": the men who contact her seek more a "girl friend" than a prostitute, and claim the right to be able to choose how to use their body.

In this perspective, he says he is feminist. His self-determination message carries him forward whenever he can, giving interviews, launching his unconventional thoughts on his blog, participating in artistic events. Its ability to exploit the great media potential of the web and social media, and the iconoclastic message that it bears, makes it emerge as a counter-current voice that attracts the attention of the children of its generation, and beyond.

How much is built around the 'Eva' phenomenon, and how authentic there is is still difficult to understand, but we will certainly still hear about her.

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