Who is Fabrice Kerhervè, the ex of Ornella Muti

Who is Fabrice Kerhervè, the ex of Ornella Muti

Fabrice Kerhervè was the companion of Ornella Muti, a story born in 2008 and ended in 2020, often lived at a distance

Businessman, magnetic gaze and medium-long hair: Fabrice Kerhervè's face became known in Italy thanks to his relationship with actress Ornella Muti, which ended this year after many vicissitudes, when Ornella declared herself single.

The man, born in December 1965, is 10 years younger than the beautiful Ornella, who could not help but fall in love with her fascinating and multifaceted personality: the 55-year-old is an international business man, of French nationality but Italian citizenship, and is a "Networker, online marketer, author, master leader, dreamer, crypto-blockchain fan & lover of life", as he himself writes in his Instagram biography.

The life of the entrepreneur has long been divided between France, his country of origin, Spain, where he resides, and Italy, where he often goes for work and, during his relationship with Muti, for love. A multifaceted life always in turmoil, interesting but at the same time difficult, which caused not a few distances between Ornella and Fabrice. In fact, the actress declared from the beginning that she had a complicated story with the man, who was, however, constantly in her thoughts, despite the physical distance that divided them: "I just think about him and I know I don't I will fall in love with another. He feels the same feeling ”.

For almost 12 years the two have lived their love to the full, creating a very extended family: Kerhervè has in fact four children, born from his previous marriage. Ornella, on the other hand, has three children: Carolina and Andrea Fachinetti, from her previous marriage to Federico Fachinetti, and Nike Rivelli, of whom the actress has however officially declared that she does not know who the father is. The strong love that binds her to her children helped the actress deal with the disappearance of her son-in-law Andrea, the companion of her daughter Carolina.

During her relationship with Kerhervè, Ornella traveled extensively to follow the entrepreneur on his business trips, even moving to Russia for a period. In 2014 Muti declared that theirs was "a complicated story, we love each other so much, but we see each other very little".

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