Who is Federica Sciarelli: Who has seen it ?, son, curiosity

Journalist and presenter with a long television curriculum, Federica Sciarelli is the best known face of Rai3

Federica Sciarelli is a very talented journalist, a woman who showed her skills first in the editorial office and then in front of the cameras. For many years he has been at the helm of Who has seen him ?, the famous Rai3 program dedicated to the most mysterious cases of disappearance ever.

Born in 1958, Federica Sciarelli was born in Rome to parents of Neapolitan origins, and when she was still very young she already seemed to have clear ideas about what the future would hold for her. She was barely 20 when she won a scholarship that allowed her to kick off her journalistic career, first at the Parliamentary Information Office and then on television. Her first arrival in an editorial office dates back to 1987, when she started collaborating with TG3 becoming one of the first women to deal with politics.

Her career was rapidly growing: soon Sciarelli made her appearance in some famous television broadcasts, for example by taking the lead of Primo Piano, an in-depth analysis of the Rai3 news program. However, its greatest success came in 2004, when Federica took over the management of Who has seen it ?, a famous format that has been providing her work for many years in order to collaborate in the most striking cases of missing persons. .

With Sciarelli in charge, the program experienced its golden age. And if in 2020 the first rumors concerning the goodbye of the talented presenter began to circulate, the denial arrived only a few weeks later gave relief to the many fans who follow the Rai3 broadcast with great passion. "It's not a matter of fatigue, I love 'Who has seen it?' Because it makes me feel useful but I wanted to disconnect, to take a step back for a while, that's why I asked to leave but the company and everyone the directors asked me to resist and I accepted “- he revealed in an interview with La Stampa, while on the pages of Repubblica he confirmed:“ Yes, I stay ”.

But once Federica Sciarelli has stopped working as a journalist, what else does she dedicate her time to? Having always been a very reserved woman, she has never given rise to gossip about her love life. And in fact we don't know anything about her family, except that she is the mother of a 24 year old young man named Giovanni Maria. Sciarelli also has a sister, Marina, to whom she is very attached – so much so that she is defined as "my lifeline".

Today Federica is a woman of great rigor and a marked sensitivity, which she sometimes shows during the most difficult cases she finds herself dealing with on television. Not everyone knows, however, that as a girl she seemed to have a promising sporting future: for 10 years she practiced athletics as a middle distance runner, leaving only to devote herself to a journalistic career.

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