Who is Federico Ferrari, Mia Ceran's partner

Mia Ceran

Federico Ferrari is the companion of Mia Ceran, a well-known presenter and journalist who will soon become a mother

Federico Ferrari is the companion of Mia Ceran who will soon become a father thanks to the host and journalist. The announcement of the pregnancy came during an episode of Quelli che il calcio with a fun sketch organized together with the comic duo of Luca and Paolo.

“Mia, will you have to tell us something?”, The conductors asked her jokingly. She pretended to be amazed, then revealed her tummy: "Ah yes, I'm expecting a baby," she announced, greeted by applause from the studio. Shortly after, an unequivocal shot also arrived on Instagram: "Great expectations and this time I am not talking about the episode", wrote Mia Ceran, revealing the roundness of pregnancy.

Always very reserved about her private life, the journalist born in 1986 will soon become a mother. The father of the baby on arrival is Federico Ferrari who has been linked to the host for a few years. A love that arrived after the farewell to colleague Malcom Pagani, son of Amedeo Pagani and Barbara Alberti. A German father and mother from Sarajevo, Mia has had a special bond with Italy throughout her life. He lived in the United States for a long time and at just 18 he got an internship at CNN. She speaks five languages ​​correctly and thanks to determination and passion she has managed to build an amazing career.

Some time ago, interviewed by the weekly F, the journalist had overcome her confidentiality, talking for the first time about her boyfriend, but also about the dream of a child. "He's been there for two years – he confessed – we live together, his name is Federico Ferrari and he has nothing to do with my world and he is a very solid, very loving man". Little and nothing is known about Federico. The man rarely appeared next to Mia Ceran and on Instagram he is present only in very few photos, often from behind or with sunglasses. “I have always had long relationships and I am a serial partner – the presenter confided -. I believe in everyday life, I believe in the effort to like and love each other every day. In these times when everything is consumed quickly, I believe in the inspiration for stability ".

“The desire for a family has always belonged to me – he added -, then, life has a way of putting you in front of things that surprises you and you realize that you only partially choose the theme of the family. There is a good portion of factors that you do not govern, especially if you are busy at work, if you have had results ".

Shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy, Mia was overwhelmed by many messages of good wishes. On Instagram, the presenter has published a shot that portrays her with her boyfriend and dog Tito. “To all of you who have written or sent a kind thought in these hours for our growing family – he wrote -. Thank you so much. Mia, Federico and the dog Tito ”.

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