Who is Filippo Bologni, the new boyfriend of Gessica Notaro

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Filippo Bologni is the name of Gessica Notaro's new boyfriend: carabiniere and horse riding enthusiast

Gessica Notaro is in love again. On Instagram, the model and singer presented Filippo Bologni, her new boyfriend. "The real power of a man lies in the size of the smile of the woman next to him," commented Gessica, posting a photo in which she smiles happily together with the man who gave her happiness.

The two have been in love for some time, but only recently have they chosen to come out. Filippo Bologni is a carabiniere, but also a professional in the horse riding sector. Athlete by profession, he is linked to Gessica Notaro by his passion for horses. He competed in show jumping, winning the Italian championship six times. In the shots published on Instagram, the former competitor of Dancing with the Stars finally appears happy and serene.

Last year, just at Christmas, Gessica confessed to having received an engagement ring as a gift. On that occasion, the singer had not revealed the name of the man who had stolen her heart. Incredibly strong, the Notaro has become a symbol for many people and a champion against violence against women.

A few days ago Gessica had told herself, once again, on Instagram. “I've always thought that the right thing in life was to make your weak point a strength – he explained -. Then I discovered "kintsugi", a Japanese practice that consists in repairing broken pottery with gold. The practice stems from the idea that a real work of art can be born from an imperfection, a wound or a scar. When we Westerners drop a ceramic and it breaks into a thousand pieces, we try to repair the object by making the damage almost invisible, almost as if we are ashamed of it. And this is probably what we should learn as a reflection in our whole life. Because it is not right to be ashamed of the damage, on the contrary, it can be embellished and made characteristic by making it a strong point ".

"The art of embracing damage, of not being ashamed of one's wounds and limitations – concluded Gessica Notaro -, is more than ever a symbolic lesson from this ancient Japanese art. We must learn not to throw away what is broken, because breaking is not the end! In life you have to react positively to traumatic events, grow through your painful breakups, value them, fix them … exhibit them! Why not! And be convinced that these are precisely what make each person unique and precious ".

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