Who is Francesco Manfredi, the son of Nancy Brilli

Who is Francesco Manfredi, the son of Nancy Brilli

Francesco is the son of Nancy Brilli and nephew of Nino Manfredi: handsome, serious and talented

Francesco Manfredi is the beautiful son of Nancy Brilli. Talented and charming like his famous mother, he was born from the love of the actress for the director Luca Manfredi. Francesco is therefore the nephew of the great Nino, from whom he inherited many characteristics, including immense sympathy.

In life Nancy Brilli has had many loves, from Luca Manfredi to Massimo Ghini, but the only man in her life remains her son. Studious and beautiful, Francesco grew up away from the spotlight and sought his way away from two bulky and famous parents. "I have always tried not to identify myself with the name of mom and dad – he revealed in an interview with Gente -. Only after coming home did friends understand who my parents were. For them I was and still am only Francesco ".

Twenty years old and a very sweet character, Francesco Manfredi has a very special bond with Nancy Brilli. “I am very protective of mom – the young man confessed -, I always felt compelled to take care of her, even when I was a child. And I am very careful: when I know she is out or has a suitor I ask her a thousand questions. Where are you? With who? Who is he, what does he do? " Long chats, even late at night, confidences and lots of love, allowed Nancy and Francesco to create an indissoluble bond that not even the distance has managed to erase.

Today Francesco Manfredi divides himself between England, where he studies, and Italy. A few weeks ago, guest of Francesca Fialdini in the program Da noi … a freewheel, Nancy Brilli had told her special relationship with her son. "In my opinion, the children protect – he said -. I have never been particularly attached to life, although I seem all joyful, but you can see a vein of melancholy. A son attaches you to life, gives you a future, a perspective. And then it is a granite certainty of love, given and received. This changed me a lot […] I think it's fair to give a lot – the actress concluded -, but my son doesn't have to ask. I interpret her wishes, I want to be the mom I wanted to have

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