Who is Gabriele, the new love of Alessia Ventura (after Pippo Inzaghi)

Who is Gabriele, the new love of Alessia Ventura (after Pippo Inzaghi)

Alessia Ventura returns to smile after the pain for the farewell to Pippo Inzaghi thanks to Gabriele

Alessia Ventura is in love again. After the end of the relationship with Filippo Inzaghi and a long period as a single, the model found love with Gabriele.

To reveal the report, kept secret until today, it was Alessia who posted a photo on Instagram that is worth a thousand words. A shot that portrays her while, beautiful, kisses her boyfriend. As a caption, the former Letterina di Passaparola simply added a red heart.

Who is Ventura's new boyfriend? Little is known about him and nothing but the name. On Instagram he shared the photos that tell of his holiday in Lampedusa, Sicily, together with Alessia and some friends. He has a passion for the boat and a model physique, although he is presumably not part of the entertainment world.

The news of the new love story was greeted with enthusiasm not only by the followers, but also by many famous friends of Ventura. "Yes," commented Bianca Atzei, happy for her, while Caterina Balivo added: "Che belli!". Among the many comments of good wishes also those of Elena Santarelli and Adriana Volpe appear.

A love, the one for Gabriele, who for Alessia arrived after so much suffering because of the bond with Filippo Inzaghi. The two lived a long and intense love story that seemed destined to bring them to the altar. Then the shadow of betrayal, farewell, flashback and finally the final separation. The model had never hidden the pain felt for the end of a relationship in which she had invested a lot.

"Everything happened at a crucial moment, when we were building, thinking about marriage and children – he had revealed in a painful interview with Verissimo -. Almost impossible to ignore. We tried to patch up the report, but it was useless. The tear was enormous by now. He was the man of my dreams. He courted me, made me feel important. The first man I talked to about marriage and children ".

Today finally Alessia has returned to smile next to Gabriele, while Pippo Inzaghi is linked to Angela Robusti, former protagonist of Men and Women.

Alessia Ventura and Gabriele Instagram

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