Who is Gianluca De Matteis, tronista of Men and Women


Gianluca De Matteis is the new tronista of Men and Women: he loves traveling, sport, acting and above all riding a motorcycle

Curly and black hair, intense gaze and disarming smile, Gianluca De Matteis is one of the new tronists of Men and Women, together with Davide Donadei, Sophie Codegni and Jessica.

Born in Rome on May 30, 1990, Gianluca De Matteis is a physiotherapist. He has never worked in the entertainment world and Men and Women is his first experience on the small screen. He is very attached to his family and loves acting and sports: he has played football for many years and practices surfing, but his greatest passion is riding a motorcycle, as he explained in his presentation video:

The asphalt, the road, you experience it in a totally different way. In the sense that the smells, the colors, the landscapes that are seen have different colors, smells and scents. And it's not so much a vehicle that moves you from point A to point B. The bike is precisely the path you take that makes you feel good. That silence you have while you are in motion, you experience it, at least for my part, very intensely. I think a lot, I think about myself, I reflect.

Among his passions there is also that of traveling, with a backpack on his back, ready for adventure and discovering the most beautiful and fascinating corners of the world. In fact, Gianluca De Matteis loves to explore the poorest places on the planet, where he has learned to smile despite the difficulties.

The boy decided to participate in Maria De Filippi's program to try to have a new approach to love and relationships. After his previous stories, Men and Women can represent a fun opportunity for him, but also a concrete and slow opportunity to get to know someone, as he himself explained:

Slow in the sense that you can enjoy all the stages without having to rush anything. You go out with one person, you know another, you see each other for a short period of time, you have no way of seeing them outside. So anyway you have to think about it. And you have more time to get to know it in different ways. So in my opinion there is really a development of what can be a relationship in a more delicate way.

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