Who is Gianmarco Rottaro, the influencer who depopulated on Tik Tok

His numbers on social media are mind-boggling and on Tik Tok he is an idol for the youngest: all the secrets of Gianmarco Rottaro

His numbers on social media are mind-boggling, but it is on Tik Tok that he is now a real idol for teenagers: we are talking about Gianmarco Rottaro. His success exploded in no time, making him a star of the web, but not only.

His popularity went beyond the mobile screens, making him land on TV as well. Recently he was a guest of the Ritoccati program, a sketch comedy broadcast on Sky that talks about cosmetic surgery, and he also participated in Ciao Darwin representing the people of the web.

    • Name and surname: Gianmarco Rottaro
    • Date and place of birth: 31 April 1999, Rome
    • Where he lives: Milan
    • Zodiac sign: Virgo
    • Girlfriend: Marta Losito
    • Brothers: Federico
    • House: Chill House
    • TikTok: so.gian
    • Instagram: gianmarco_rottaro
    • YouTube: Gianmarco Rottaro

Gianmarco Rottaro as a child

Gianmarco Rottaro was born in Rome on August 31, 1999. His adventure on the web began very early: at the time he was only 13 years old, but he was already starting to observe the most important youtubers, follow them on tours and talk to them to learn all the necessary.

In 2018 he opened his account on Musical.ly – Tik Tok's forerunner app – and began to publish his first videos: between short choreographies, funny lip-sync clips, the young man gained more and more followers. Success then came with Tik Tok, where today it has almost 3 million followers.

The love stories of Gianmarco Rottaro

The love life of Gianmarco Rottaro has often been the subject of gossip: the boy has in fact been attributed several flirts before the story with Marta Losito, his current girlfriend.

Zoe Massenti

For a long time all the followers of Gianmarco Rottaro thought that with Zoe Massenti, another famous tiktoker, there was something tender. The two of the rest did everything to make it clear that they were having a relationship, and then deny the fans the rumors of a love story. The boys have never confirmed, still claiming to be excellent friends.

Marta Losito

After rumors about relationships, first with the singer Giulia Penna and then with his colleague Rosalba, Gianmarco Rottaro has formalized the love story with Marta Losito, a successful tiktoker like him. The girl, who was engaged with Valerio Mazzei, was courted by Rottaro only after the end of the relationship.

The two had known each other for some time, but they only made known their relationship in January 2020, with a post on Instagram accompanied by phrases with honey. Their relationship is going well, but the couple got a lot of criticism during the first lockdown. The tiktoker in fact moved from Milan to Treviso with the motivation to shoot beneficial videos, but this did not appease the controversy, so much so that in the end the two published a video in which they apologized to the fans.

Gianmarco Rottaro's family

Gianmarco Rottaro has always cared about his privacy, so much so that both private life has been far from the spotlight for a long time. Not much is known about the tiktoker's family of origin, but we do know that he has an older brother, Federico, born in 1995.

Collaborations and quarrels

Together with Emanuele Giaccari, Tancredi Galli and Diego Lazzari he is part of the Q4 crew, short for Quei Quattro. The boys, linked by a strong friendship, began to collaborate in 2019 by opening a YouTube channel dedicated to their project, as light and fun as the content published.

Gianmarco Rottaro, together with his fellow adventurers from the crew, is also part of the Chill House. It is a home – whose location is top secret – where the influencers all live together to collaborate and create content in collaboration with each other. Over time, Zoe Massenti and Valerio Mazzei have also entered the house: despite being the ex-boyfriend of Marta Losito, he has repeatedly stressed that relations with Rottaro are excellent.

The activities of Gianmarco Rottaro

The tiktoker together with the friends of the Q4 crew presented the book Brothers by chance on 1 September 2020, where their stories are told and many episodes of their friendship unveiled, never made known to fans.

Gianmarco Rottaro's tattoos

Like his friend Diego Lazzari, Gianmarco Rottaro also has a real passion for tattoos: in fact they are increasing over time and obviously (almost) all of them have been exhibited on social media.

Among the most visible are a snake on the left hand, a rose on the right hand, rosebuds on the right arm and a moth on the left arm. He also has a cross on his chest, a woman's face on his forearm, while he recently posted a video on Tik Tok where he showed his latest tattoo on his chest, the inscription Holy in gothic style.

Gianmarco Rottaro

Gianmarco Rottaro

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