Who is Ginevra Piola, Gerry Scotti's daughter-in-law

Chi è Ginevra Piola, la nuora di Gerry Scotti

Married to Edoardo Scotti, Ginevra Piola is a journalist and has recently become the mother of little Virginia

Born in Milan, 28, journalist: Ginevra Piola is the wife of Edoardo Scotti, Gerry's son and the couple had their first daughter in December to the delight not only of mom and dad, but also of the well-known conductor who became a grandfather for the first time.

Virginia, this is the name of the child, apparently was born on December 15, 2020, but the news of her birth arrived only in recent days reported by the weekly Gente. In fact, both Edoardo and his wife Ginevra are very reserved and not much is known about their life. It seems that the couple has been together since 2013 and that they recently got married, but the date of the wedding is not known. Ginevra Piola has a degree in Literature and Philosophy and is a journalist, since 2018 she collaborates with the Mediaset group.

His Instagram profile is private, while in Edoardo Scotti's you can also see some beautiful shots that portray them together. Edoardo, born in 1992, has always lived away from the spotlight and worked with his father in The Record Show had to have held the role of envoy around the world.

The news that he would become a grandfather, on the other hand, had spoken by Gerry Scotti who, as a guest of Silvia Toffanin in Verissimo, had first made the announcement: "For you I will always remain uncle Gerry, but soon I will be a grandfather in the family – he said – […] It will be a girl ”.

Then he also revealed how his son Edoardo had given him the happy news: “We met at the gardens in Milan and he came to meet me with a strange package that contained a pacifier. I am very happy for them. I only have one gripe though. I, an only child, have had an only child. Now I'm expecting multiple grandchildren. I would like two more, but Edoardo's wife must also agree ".

The girl was called by the name of Virginia, probably also in honor of her grandfather Gerry Scotti, who in the registry office is Virginio Scotti. And the emotion for the arrival of the first granddaughter is really great, as demonstrated also on the social channels of the weekly Gente where, to a post in which she spoke of the arrival of the little girl, she replied with a "Thank you" accompanied by hashtag it's great to be a grandfather.

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