Who is Giulia Cerini, the single from Temptation Island who bewitched Tommaso

Giulia Cerini Temptation Island

Giulia Cerini is the single from "Temptation Island" who bewitched Tommaso: the boy chose to leave his girlfriend Valentina

Giulia Cerini is the single from Temptation Island who bewitched Tommaso enough to push him to leave the girlfriend Valentina with whom he had arrived on the show. 25 years old and a modeling career, Giulia is already an Instagram star. He studied Construction Engineering, but his future seems to be in the world of fashion and entertainment.

The young woman, who celebrated her birthday right during Temptation Island, conquered Tommaso who in a few days forgot his girlfriend Valentina of whom he was very jealous. In the first episodes of the show there was a lot of talk about the jealousy of the twenty-year-old towards his partner. An obsessive and oppressive feeling that led Tommaso to criticize Valentina only because she had chosen to wear a bikini.

After seeing the images of the woman, the boy got very close to Giulia Cerini. What for Valentina was a simple spite, however, has turned into something more. In fact, Tommaso chose to leave Temptation Island with the girl, stating that he never really loved his girlfriend.

“I was a princess, the cleanest woman in the world”, said Valentina during the confrontation fire that came after Tommaso's kiss with the temptress Giulia Cerini. The 40-year-old's boyfriend defended himself, trying to blame his partner, but Valentina appeared impassive. “I would have asked you to marry me at the final bonfire – he said -, but now I don't see you as before. I did what I felt like doing, but only because it was Giulia. If it had been another it would not have happened, it was destiny. Better have it figured out now ”.

At the end of the comparison Tommaso left the show hosted by Filippo Bisciglia with the single Giulia. The target? Live a love story outside the program. "The desire is stronger than what's beyond. I want to get out of here and be with you right away ”, confessed the boy, who was quick to pour out his jealousy on the temptress of the program. “I don't want to be so long away,” Tommaso told the girl, certain that the love story will last even when the spotlight has gone out.

Giulia Cerini Temptation Island

Giulia Cerini

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