Who is Giulia Manconi, Bianca Berlinguer's daughter

Chi è Giulia Manconi, la figlia di Bianca Berlinguer

Giulia Manconi is the daughter of Bianca Berlinguer, the fruit of the journalist's love for her husband Luigi, a well-known political scientist

Giulia Manconi is the daughter of Bianca Berlinguer, the fruit of the love between the journalist and her husband Luigi Manconi. The Cartabianca presenter is not only a much loved and famous television face, but also a mother. Few people know her daughter Giulia, as Bianca has always been a very private person about her private life. Born in 1988, the young woman looks a lot like her famous mother, but she has always lived away from the spotlight.

Very close to both parents, she has been paparazzi several times at some events in the company of Luigi Manconi or Bianca Berlinguer. Some time ago, the journalist from Cartabianca, a guest of Come to Me, had talked about her relationship with her daughter. “I regret having done only one – he confessed to Caterina Balivo -. I stopped at one, wrong. If I went back I would definitely do the second. I don't say more than two, but I would get there by the second “.

During the interview Bianca explained that she had become a mother at the right time: "Up to a certain age I didn't want to become a mother, when I had Giulia I was 37 – she had told Come to Me – […] I had my daughter when I wanted it “. Giulia is the daughter of two well-known people. His father Luigi Manconi is a well-known political scientist and sociologist, particularly reserved, while his mother Bianca Berlinguer is a journalist and television host. Despite this, the girl does not seem very interested in the fame of her parents.

To tell it was Bianca Berlinguer, according to which Giulia would never have expressed the will to follow in the footsteps of her mother: “She doesn't care at all – she told Caterina Balivo -. It is more I who tell her something, or she asks me about things she reads on the web, rather than seeing me on TV “.

Daughter of Enrico Berlinguer, a well-known politician, Bianca has always tried to protect her daughter from fame and to be close to her, despite her numerous commitments, as her father had done with her in the past. “He was present as much as he could – he recalled some time ago -. He was devoted to the cause of politics, but we knew it was us after his work. I've never seen my friends' fathers spend more time than he did for us and his family. You only realize this as an adult ".

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