Who is Giulia Stabile of Amici 2020

Chi è Giulia Stabile di Amici 2020

Giulia Stabile is one of the five dancers of the new edition of "Amici", who conquered everyone with her contagious laugh

A dancer with an infectious laugh, Giulia Stabile is one of the new competitors of the Amici school, who this year celebrated a great milestone, that of the twenty editions.

Giulia was born in Rome in 2002, where she still lives even though she has Italian-Catalan origins. La Stabile in the first episode of the talent managed to conquer the jersey thanks to her talent: during her performance she was not blocked by any of the three teachers, and Veronica Peparini was granted her a desk in the school, who saw in her a huge potential.

"Absolutely my desk is for Giulia," said the teacher. La Stabile also liked Lorella Cuccarini: “Very good, I'm very happy that you work with Veronica”.

The dancer immediately conquered the audience because of her contagious laughter, which however hides her biggest obstacle: insecurity: "It prevents me from saying and doing many things and reaching the most important goals. Dancing is the only thing that always manages to put me at ease ". And in fact, as soon as she starts dancing, all her hesitations and uncertainties seem to vanish, giving space to that talent that the professors have already noticed in the girl.

Her passion for dance began as a child: as soon as she started taking her first steps in time to music, Giulia never stopped dancing. Although that of the school of Amici is her experience in a talent, the Stabile is already a professional dancer: she is in fact part of a professional Dance Crew, the Nough Megacrew, founded by dancers Alessandro Steri and Filippo Naraldi.

His Instagram profile is very popular. In fact, Giulia has already wanted to thank her fans with a message dedicated to them: "Thank you for the support I am receiving, you are good for my heart and you give me even more strength".

Stabile seems to be single, but as soon as she entered the school she let it slip that she had a crush on one of her classmates. The public is obviously curious to find out who it is: who knows whether Giulia, between a dance step and a lesson, may not also find love.

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