Who is Giulia, the new tronista of Men and Women

Who is Giulia, the new tronista of Men and Women

Giulia is the new tronista of Men and Women presented on Instagram

Giulia is the new tronista of Men and Women presented on Instagram by the editorial staff of the program. 27 years and many dreams, the girl lives in Rome where she studies at the University of Political Sciences.

He dreams of graduating and finding a good job, but also of creating a family with the right person. Maria De Filippi has chosen to publish on the social media the Giulia audition, from which a very simple girl appears and without particular ambitions in the world of show business.

"I'm finishing my university – he explained -, I would like to find a job that is related to my faculty. I aim to take a second degree in political science and gain an experience abroad. I did not accept to have an experience in China, although I have my independence, I did not feel it because I leave important things here ".

In addition to her career, Giulia revealed that she is looking for love: "I would like to build a family, I would like to find a job that would allow me to be a mother – he confessed -. In love I never trust myself completely, I am always ready for the escape route. It's not that I'm afraid of being screwed, it's that I think the family is an important thing. "

Giulia in September will ascend the throne of Men and Women, ready to find the right boy for her: "I don't believe in marriage, I think it's an overrated institution, but family is something different," he added. I would like to find a person who has the same concept as my family: something to protect and protect. I have never betrayed, but perhaps I have been. I would never forgive treason. When I fall in love I become a fool, I am able to make gifts at random, I am caring. I hate narcissists ".

The followers congratulated Maria De Filippi for the choice made. Giulia in fact, unlike the last tronisti, does not have a television past, is not an Instagram star and is a "normal" girl. A decision taken, perhaps, even after the controversy that arose in recent days regarding the preparation of the show.

Video taken from the Instagram profile of Men and Women

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