Who is Giulio Longari, Mara Venier's nephew

Chi è Giulio Longari, il nipote di Mara Venier

Giulio Longari is the nephew of Mara Venier, son of Elisabetta Ferracini, the eldest daughter of the presenter

Eighteen years old and a great resemblance to grandmother Mara Venier, Giulio Longari is the grandson of the host of Domenica In. The presenter is very attached to her family formed by her husband Nicola Carraro, by her children Elisabetta Ferracini and Paolo Capponi, and by her grandchildren: Giulio and Claudio .

"I still do not realize that I have reached 70 years old, inside I always feel like a girl of 30 – said the presenter some time ago -. I am serene, I have never based my life on attractiveness. And being a grandmother is the thing that fills me with pride most of all. Nothing has given me joy in life like those two syllables there, “non-na”, pronounced by my nephews Giulio and Claudio ”.

On 13 December Giulio Longari turned 18 and is the son of Elisabetta Ferracini. Study at the international school and love sports. He practices tennis and football, but above all he has a special bond with his grandmother Mara Venier. “I like listening to him – the presenter revealed to Gente -, chatting with him, but I'm not a grandmother who fills him with questions, because he is reserved and I respect him. Giulio is very polite, good, respectful of the rules and for this I give credit to my daughter Elisabetta who is a wonderful mother. He dedicated all his energy and time to his son. Elisabetta and also Giulio's father, Carlo Longari, followed him very and very well ”.

Born in 2002, Giulio is often the protagonist of the shots published on Instagram by Mara Venier and has an excellent relationship with his mother Elisabetta Ferracini. Presenter and undisputed star of the unforgettable Solletico, Mara's daughter said: "I care a lot about my privacy, so it wasn't difficult to make a precise choice. Let me be clear, I did not take a step back, but I made a decision, which was to stop. I would never have raised my son with a babysitter – he added to Donna Pop -, I already have so many feelings of guilt even though I have always been a present mother, imagine if I had left him in the hands of another woman. I had the opportunity to choose – unfortunately not all of them have – and I decided to leave ”.

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