Who is Ilaria, Serena Rossi's sister

Actress Serena Rossi has a younger sister named Ilaria. The two have a wonderful relationship and look a lot alike

Ilaria Rossi is the splendid younger sister of Serena Rossi, an actress beloved by the Italian public whom we recently admired in Mina Settembre. The Rai 1 fiction was a resounding success and highlighted the talent and beauty of the actress of Neapolitan origins. Now Serena Rossi is preparing to return to TV even more charged with the program La Canzone Segreta, broadcast from 12 March always on Rai 1. Meanwhile, she was chosen by Amadeus as co-host of the Sanremo 2021 Festival, with the great honor of tread the scenes of the historic Ariston Theater during the long-awaited final evening of the festival.

Beautiful and with a very sweet smile, Ilaria Rossi impresses with her fresh beauty. Eyes and brown hair, one cannot but notice the resemblance to her sister Serena. The two seem just like two drops of water, when they say "good blood doesn't lie". Ilaria was born in 1991, so she is six years younger than Serena (the actress is from 1985), but this age difference has not prevented the two sisters from creating a truly special bond. Just glance at the actress's Instagram profile to see how as an older sister she is always by Ilaria's side, especially in the most important moments of her life.

Ilaria Rossi has chosen a different path than Serena. She graduated and is a huge music lover, just like her older sister and the rest of the family. Music is a constant in the life of Ilaria and Serena, a passion transmitted by their father, who is also a musician. In addition to that for music, Ilaria has another special passion: her sweet grandson Diego. The little one is the son of Serena Rossi and Davide Devenuto, a couple born on the set of Un Posto al Sole. Ilaria is really in love with her little nephew and did not miss an opportunity to help her sister when she was pregnant, to the point of acting as a stunt double on the set of the soap opera during pregnancy.

Serena and Ilaria are blood sisters, but above all friends and between the two there is a wonderful relationship that they never miss an opportunity to enhance and share on social networks with photos and videos that portray them happy together. Ilaria certainly has great energy in common with her sister, she is a strong and sunny young woman and these qualities clearly emerge from her Instagram profile, where we can admire her in all her glory.

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