Who is Isabella Ricci, the new lady of Men and Women

Who is Isabella Ricci, the new lady of Men and Women

Isabella Ricci is the new lady of U&D, her life and private career: a business woman, always a lover of animals.

Men and Women, 25 years later: the protagonists

The new lady of the U&D Throne Over, Isabella Ricci, enchanted not only the suitors, but also the spectators of the dating show. Born in Rome in 1959, the woman is 1.83 tall and is not lacking in grace at all. Between charm and elegance, Isabella has captured everyone's attention for her incredible beauty and great culture. He followed a degree course in Philosophy at the La Sapienza University of Rome, later specializing in Archival and Librarian.

Ricci's working career has always gone smoothly: since she was young, she has been an animal lover. She is currently the owner of a company, the Pet Village, which sells products for the care of furry pets.

She has dedicated her life to love for four-legged friends: she was the manager of a company that deals with animal feed and worked as a breeder. His company has enjoyed considerable success in recent years and is expanding into Europe.

Why did Isabella choose to participate in Men and Women? “It all started as a joke, a request I made to the guys who work with me. In October, for my birthday, I asked them for a gift for a man to go out with, so an employee of mine decided to join the program without my knowledge. " A very nice anecdote, which explains the simple personality of Isabella, although she is a learned woman and of great charm.

"I thought it would be more difficult to access the program, but even when I was called to the center to introduce myself, I was very calm." Among the characteristics she wanted to reiterate, Isabella defined herself as sincere and sincere: not surprisingly, she was able to transform her greatest passion into a job.

The private life of Isabella Ricci is now known to all, after her arrival in the dating show of Maria De Filippi: so far, we only know that she was married. She had no children from previous relationships. In this regard, he said: “I couldn't have any. Probably, if I had, I would be happier, because I have a lack of true affection. Those warm, close affections. I have many friends, but friends are friends … "

Men and Women is an adventure for her, little more than a joke that, who knows, could turn into something serious, giving her the love she has always been waiting for. Above all, that "warm and close" affection he has longed for.

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