Who is Kam “Eki” Cahayadi winner of All Together Now

Kam "Eki" Cahayadi is the winner of "All Together Now", the musical show hosted by Michelle Hunziker

Kam “Eki” Cahayadi is the name of the winner of All Together Now, the show hosted by Michelle Hunziker starring many singers, but above all a jury made up of Rita Pavone, Francesco Renga, J Ax and Anna Tatangelo. The winner was the combined vote of the judges and the wall of 100. After beating the other finalists, Kam "Eki" Cahayadi triumphed in the third edition of the broadcast, winning a prize pool of 50 thousand euros.

The All Together Now Grand Final saw seven contestants perform on stage. To compete were Dalila Cavalera, Silvia Rita Iannone, Domenico Iervolino, Antonio Marino, Alessio Selvaggio, Savio Vurchio and Kam “Eki” Cahayadi, 33-year-old artist from Jakarta. From the very first episodes of the show, Eki had stood out thanks to his talent. The singer had in fact thrilled the judges with a tribute to Michael Jackson. On the notes of Heal the World, he had amazed everyone, demonstrating his skill and running for victory.

Real name Kam Cahayadi, the winner of All Together Now was born in Jakarta, but has lived in Milan for years. He is 33 years old and married to an Italian girl. Very close to his four sisters and his brother, the artist began to cultivate a passion for singing since he was very young. He has performed many times as a street artist, right in front of the Milan Cathedral.

Arriving at the final with Dalila Cavalera, Eki appeared very excited on stage. Michelle Hunziker, after a while of waiting, announced the name of the winner and the singer let himself go to joy, kneeling on the ground. The artist has looked up several times, towards the sky, perhaps thinking of the mother he lost some time ago, but who is always in his heart. Eki's victory thrilled the judges and host Michelle Hunziker, happy that the € 50,000 prize went to the young artist.

The third edition of the program was a great success. Thanks to a formula that has managed to change while remaining the same. "Francesco Renga was a revelation for me, he proved to be a crazy irony, he is a true Brescian and makes you laugh – he told Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Michelle Hunziker before the debut – […] I always have loved: as she sings live, there are few. She has been on stage since she was 14, she has an incredible professionalism and in this context she let herself go […] Rita is the Italian Tina Turner. She sang with Ella Fitzgerald, she is very famous all over the world: she is one of those artists that must be rediscovered, she has done so much that it needs to be told. J-Ax has been around since the first edition, this year the president of the "wall", with whom he is always in tune, lent to the jury ".

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