Who is Lorenzo Biagiarelli, chef of È semper mezzogiorno

Who is Lorenzo Biagiarelli, chef of È semper mezzogiorno

Former musician and travel enthusiast, Lorenzo Biagiarelli is one of the chefs of "È semper mezzogiorno"

Lorenzo Biagiarelli is one of the most beloved chefs of È semper mezzogiorno, the program conducted by Antonella Clerici, and Selvaggia Lucarelli's boyfriend. Born in 1990, he conquered Instagram with his innovative cuisine, then landed on TV. In 2019 he was among the judges of the spin-off of the show Cortesie for guests, later he was chosen by Clerici to join the team of his broadcast.

Originally from Cremona, Lorenzo Biagiarelli grew up in Senigallia. After high school, he enrolled at the University and earned a degree in History, following his passion for music. Shortly thereafter he chose to take a different turn in his life, throwing himself into a new adventure and becoming a chef. Ethnic recipes and experimentation, resulting from his numerous travels, particular dishes, have allowed Lorenzo to emerge on Instagram and conquer a large slice of the public.

"For many years I lived on music, singing and playing more or less all the instruments – he tells on his website -, and I was about to graduate in history with a thesis on Italian Protestantism of the sixteenth century, but when I took a moment to take a look inside I found pots, knives and ladles. So I decided to go to the kitchen to experiment, elaborate and above all to cook, and to tell the story of this continuous fire, both sacred and profane. Without prejudice, far from fundamentalism and the fear of culinary 'lese majesty'. Also because I travel. I travel looking for new adventures, I come back having found new recipes ”.

Lorenzo Biagiarelli's first appearance on TV came thanks to RealTime where he served as a judge in a spin-off of Cortesie for Guests dedicated to Bed and Breakfasts. In the same period he published a novel entitled: Someone to love and something to eat. In love with the Selvaggia Lucarelli company, he also managed to conquer Antonella Clerici, with whom he made several live shows on Instagram. Arrived at It's always noon, he is appreciated for his original recipes. His passion for cooking, as he himself told on social media, has distant roots. "My mother would come home after me – he explained – and so, perhaps to do her a kindness or more likely to distract my stomach with a diversion as you would in front of a tiger stint for a month, I started preparing lunch" .

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