Who is Luca Marzano (Aka7even) of Amici 2020

Chi è Luca Marzano (Aka7even) di Amici 2020

Luca Marzano (Aka7even) is one of the students of "Amici 2020" with a participation in the talent "X Factor" behind him

Luca Marzano (Aka7even) is one of the contestants of Amici 2020. The singer entered the school of Maria De Filippi, conquering a bench among the students. Passionate about music, he is 19 years old and comes from Naples. Luca is the youngest of five children and is very popular on Instagram. “I'm not shy – he confessed – and on any occasion I always try to strike up a conversation, especially with girls. I get angry when I can't get what I want but above all when I am underestimated ”.

During the Amici 20 auditions, however, he was unable to convince Rudy Zerbi and Arisa. "I can't give the bank to him," said the record company. "The dealer no, but I feel like telling you that you are very good," added Arisa. In the end, Luca Marzano's great opportunity came thanks to Anna Pettinelli who wanted him in the school. Aka7even sat in Elodie's bench and Maria De Filippi promised that she will try to call him by her stage name.

It is not the first time that Luca Marzano appears on television. In fact, a few years ago the young artist had bewitched Fedez and Levante, participating in X Factor. On that occasion, the singer performed on stage, singing and playing the piano. On that occasion Luca had told his story. In fact, in 2008, due to epileptic seizures, he ended up in a coma. The return to life had come thanks to his brother Domenico who had never left him alone and, while he was in the hospital bed, had made him listen to his songs.

“I started to cry – he revealed -. They understood that I was there and there I realized that music would be my life ". In the Amici 20 school, Luca presented himself with a new look and a particular art name. Aka7even amazed everyone with an unreleased single trap and behind a collaboration with Biondo with whom he created the song Coco. Arianna Gianfelici, Esa Abrate, Giovanni Damian (Sangiovanni), Letizia Bertoldi (La Lirica), Federica La Rocca, Giulio Musca, Leonardo Macchia (Elle), Raffaele Renda and Carlo Evandro Ciaccia have also conquered a bench in the talent. For the dancers the dance professors – Alessandra Celentano, Veronica Peparini and Lorella Cuccarini – have chosen Samuele Barbetta, Martina Miliddi, Rosa Di Grazia, Giulia Stabile and Riccardo Guarnaccia.

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