Who is Lucrezia Vittoria, the (beautiful) daughter of Pier Silvio Berlusconi

Who is Lucrezia Vittoria, the (beautiful) daughter of Pier Silvio Berlusconi

Everything about Pier Silvio's firstborn, born from a relationship she had when she was 21 years old

Perhaps few know it, yet Pier Silvio Berlusconi has a daughter who has kept Lucrezia Vittoria away from the spotlight for a very long time.

Little is known about the girl, now almost thirty years old. The only thing certain is that it was born from the entrepreneur's youthful relationship with the beautiful model Emanuela Mussida. When Lucrezia was born, in fact, Pier Silvio was just 21 years old, which is why the family decided to raise the child away from the flashes of photographers. And so it was until a few years ago, when the weekly Chi managed to "catch" father and daughter together on the streets of Monza.

For the first time, the photos had shown a very close-knit Pier Silvio Berlusconi with the eldest daughter Lucrezia, a normal girl with soap and water, who seems not to feel the pressure of her father's surname at all. On more than one occasion, in fact, he himself admitted that he had very much care about his relationship with his daughter, who had to work hard both because of her young age and because of the numerous work commitments that kept him busy in the early years of his career.

"For years the relationship with Lucrezia was complicated: I was young, maybe too much, and I was an objectively not very present father. Fortunately, however, I grew up, and so did she: since she is older, our relationship has become more real and stronger. Now being together is not a duty, but a pleasure ", so Pier Silvio described the relationship with Lucrezia Vittoria a few years ago.

Now she is great and the entrepreneur is the father of two other children, Lorenzo Mattia and Sofia Valentina, who had a wonderful relationship with Silvia Toffanin. Yet the relationship built with his first child always seems to be serene and affectionate. Just in these days, Lucrezia has returned to being talked about for having married in great secrecy, with a lavish ceremony in which grandfather Silvio Berlusconi also participated.

Clearly, we cannot know who is the lucky one who will become part of the well-known Lombard entrepreneur family, but one thing we know: on the most important day of Lucrezia's life, as in the others, Pier Silvio was there. A demonstration that, despite the juvenile errors, it is really a good dad.

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