Who is Ludovica Olgiati, from 'Il Collegio' to star of TikTok

Who is Ludovica Olgiati, from 'Il Collegio' to star of TikTok

Ludovica Olgiati took part in the first edition of 'Il Collegio'. And, after the docu-reality, she became a social network star

Ludovica Olgiati: engaging smile, charisma to sell and great creativity and determination. Although very young, she can already count on an important television experience, which has made her famous among her peers. In fact, he participated in the first edition of Il Collegio, a docu-reality broadcast on Rai 2.

  • Name and surname: Ludovica Olgiati
  • Date and place of birth: September 25, 2003 in Parabiago, Milan
  • Where he lives: Milan
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Parents: Nadia and Emanuele
  • TikTok: @ludovicaolgiati
  • Instagram: @ludovicaolgiati
  • YouTube: ludovica olgiati

Ludovica Olgiati as a child

Ludovica Olgiati, from an early age, has shown that she has a sparkling and fun personality. Full of passions, she dedicated herself to many sports and approached the world of entertainment by taking part in some television commercials. Despite the time invested on the web, he never abandoned his studies. In fact, he attended the Liceo Scientifico.

The love stories of Ludovica Olgiati

Despite being very present on social networks and sharing many moments of her life with her fans, Ludovica has decided to maintain great confidentiality regarding her love life. For a while, she seemed to be very close to influencer Luciano Spinelli. The two, however, have always denied the relationship, claiming to be just good friends.

Ludovica Olgiati's family

And if Olgiati is very reserved on love affairs, she has never hidden the affection she feels for her family, in particular for her parents, Nadia and Emanuele. The two, in fact, have repeatedly appeared in Ludovica's content, which involved them in challenges and funny videos. Their bond is undeniably very strong.

Ludovica was also extremely fond of her grandfather, to whom she had to say goodbye in November 2020. From him, Olgiati has learned many virtues and inherited the determination that distinguishes her.

Collaborations and quarrels

Nice and sociable, Ludovica has always been extremely helpful towards her colleagues. At the same time, moreover, he has always avoided clashes and public quarrels, showing himself only for his talents and creativity. On social media, in fact, he has created columns that over time have conquered more and more viewers.

Ludovica Olgiati's activities


Not just acting and entertainment. In Ludovica's life there is also space for sport, to which she has always dedicated herself. The influencer, in particular, practices skiing and fencing at a competitive level. Despite the commitments, therefore, continue to train consistently.


In television programs, Olgiati seems to be perfectly at ease. From an early age she participated in several commercials. She then gave her best when she got involved by participating in the first edition of Il Collegio. In 2017, she was catapulted into a 1960 school, having fun with other kids her age and facing challenges and restrictions. After the show, he continued to interact with his fans, opening a YouTube channel that he still curates with utmost attention. It is also very popular on Instagram and TikTok. His TV experience, on the other hand, continued as a judge for the Sky Uno Ale contro tutti program.

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