Who is Luisa D'Orazi, Franco Marini's wife

Chi è Luisa D’Orazi, la moglie di Franco Marini

A love that lasted 52 years, until her death: Luisa D'Orazi has always remained next to Franco Marini

Franco Marini was a great Italian trade unionist, Minister of Labor in the 90s and President of the Senate until 2008, spending all his efforts in political activity. At his side, for many years, there was his wife Luisa D'Orazi: both were two opposing worlds, but they lived a wonderful life together.

Luisa, of Abruzzese origins just like Franco, has always been an enterprising woman: she had left the nursery at a young age to study medicine, with clear ideas about her future. The first meeting between her and the one who would later become her husband took place when they were both still two children. Both lived in Rieti, where their fathers worked at a sugar refinery, and at the time they attended school: "I went to the gymnasium, he came out of the high school" – D'Orazi said in an interview with Bruno Vespa, who then talked about his love story with Franco Marini in the book Love and Power. From Rachele to Veronica, a century of Italian history.

“He was a handsome boy, he was busy like all his peers, he had a reputation as a great conqueror” – the woman described him, recalling those distant days. In 1960, the two got engaged. A union, theirs, that would have made many other families turn up their noses: "He was a Christian Democrat to the core, she was the proudly secular daughter of Communist parents" – explained Vespa, wondering how Franco had been welcomed into the D'Orazi house . The answer was disarming in its simplicity: “They looked to morality”.

Thus, with the approval of their families, Franco and Luisa have seen their love consolidate more and more. Yet, before the wedding – which took place in 1965 – they wanted to wait a long time. "There was a feeling between us, but then we were convinced that marriage should last a lifetime, and it wasn't enough that he was a nice boy" – Luisa said – "Then I saw that he had sound principles, he behaved very seriously with his family, and I was convinced ”.

In the meantime, both have continued their careers. On the one hand there was Franco, who graduated in law and was ready to take up the trade unionist profession. On the other hand, there was his wife Luisa, who specializes in Hygiene and Food Sciences: without ever giving up her profession, she managed to reconcile work and family. From their union, Davide was born 40 years ago, who became a telecommunications engineer.

Luisa passed away in 2012, at the age of 72. Her husband Franco, on the other hand, left in February 2021, after falling ill due to the Coronavirus.

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