Who is Luisa Peterlongo, the mother of Elettra Lamborghini

Let's find out who Luisa Peterlongo is, the mother of Elettra Lamborghini, heiress, music star and new coach of The Voice

Luisa Peterlongo is the mother of Elettra Lamborghini, reality TV star and new coach of The Voice, led by Simona Ventura.

Clear eyes and great determination, Luisa looks a lot like her third daughter. The woman has been married for many years to Tonino, son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, creator of the car manufacturer of the same name, and has four other children: Ferruccio, Ginevra, Lucrezia and Flaminia.

Very reserved and sweet, Luisa followed the artistic path of her daughter, supporting her in her choices and advising her. From her, Elettra inherited the love of animals, especially dogs, and that of horse riding, a sport she has practiced since she was very young, even at competitive levels.

She and two women are very close and it is not difficult to spot Luisa Peterlongo at her daughter's concerts. Even on Instagram, the woman often publishes shots that portray her together with her daughter, responding in tone to all those who criticize her.

"The over-the-top image of my daughter that you see on social networks or on television does not correspond to her pure soul – she told the weekly Gente, speaking of the model and singer -. Elettra hates slander, has a strong sense of justice, is a pure soul. "

The heiress's mother also spoke of her numerous tattoos and piercings: "With my daughter I have always shared everything – he confessed -. I also accompanied her to have her first tattoo done. Then others came, such as the leopard coat on the shoulder and buttock. I have not been very happy but certain things are often dictated by youthful madness and Elettra has told me that she wants to cancel them. Not all, but many "

Finally Luisa Peterlongo also spoke sincerely about the cosmetic surgery to which Elettra Lamborghini underwent to increase her breast: "I am for freedom – she clarified -, the only thing I asked her is not to get touch your face. For the breast we talked about it for a long time, it was a very thoughtful decision ”.

Luisa Peterlongo and Elettra Lamborghini – Source: Facebook

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