Who is Marcella Basteri, Luis Miguel's mother

Luis Miguel

Marcella Basteri, the mother of the famous singer Luis Miguel, disappeared in 1986 and have been lost since

Luis Miguel, yesterday and today

A story with still mysterious outlines today, starring Luis Miguel: it was 1985 when the singer became famous in Italy by bringing the song Noi Ragazzi di Oggi to the Ariston stage.

Shortly after his participation in the Sanremo Festival, precisely a year later, however, a great pain struck the heart of Luis Miguel: his mother Marcella Basteri disappeared, and his disappearance is still shrouded in mystery.

Marcella Basteri was born in Carrara in 1947 and was an actress. As well as her husband was part of the world of entertainment: Luisis Rey, the father of Luis Miguel, was a Spanish guitarist and singer.

On April 19, 1970, she gave birth to Luis in Puerto Rico. However, her life took place in Italy, where she had settled after her separation from her husband. In the meantime, Miguel's career proceeded at full speed: at the age of 11 he had become very famous in Latin America, so much so that he earned the title of “El Sol de México”.

In 1985 the very young singer flew to Italy, his mother's native land, to perform at the Sanremo Festival. He brought a song written for him by Toto Cutugno Noi boys of today, which earned him second place.

And while at the age of only 15 Luis Miguel could already boast a sparkling international career, in 1986 a very painful event upset his life. In fact, the woman left Pisa, where she had settled following her separation from her husband, to head to Madrid. Here she had to meet the former Luisca, Luis's father, from whom she had left due to a turbulent relationship.

In the Spanish capital, the two would have had to say goodbye definitively, formalizing the end of their marriage. But the last time her loved ones saw her was on August 18, 1986, the day of her departure: since then all traces have been lost.

In 1993, Marcella Basteri's family decided to turn to Who has seen him? to be able to retrieve some information on the missing woman. Today the broadcast returns to take care of it: a niece of Marcella in fact turned to Federica Sciarelli after seeing a photograph taken in Argentina. In 2018, a homeless woman was spotted in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, which may well be the Basteri.

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