Who is Marco Valta, the entrepreneur and ex of Anna Safroncik photographed with Diletta Leotta

Who is Marco Valta, the entrepreneur and ex of Anna Safroncik photographed with Diletta Leotta

Successful entrepreneur and alleged ex of Anna Safroncik, Marco Valta is the entrepreneur photographed in the company of Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta's outfits, sexy "always and everywhere"

Marco Valta is the entrepreneur and ex of Anna Safroncik, photographed with Diletta Leotta. After the farewell to Daniele Scardina, the sports host lived a single summer, flying to Sardinia with her friends. Back in Milan, Diletta resumed her work, but she also allowed herself a short escape on Lake Como. During the holiday, the presenter was immortalized by the weekly magazine Chi in barca in the company of the manager.

Blond and with a model physique, Valta is originally from Trieste and is a venture capitalist, so he has the task of identifying and financing start-ups and small businesses, focusing on their success. After a bachelor's degree in business economics and a major in international currency market economics, he earned a master's degree in Berkeley, California. Over the years he has built a solid career, investing in companies such as AirBnB and Space X.

In the images published by Chi, Diletta Leotta is on a boat in the company of Marco Valta. With them there are also Rossella Fiamingo and Matteo Conversi, friends of the presenter. Despite being far from the world of entertainment, in the entrepreneur's past there is Anna Safroncik. The actress had been photographed in the company of the manager some time ago, fueling gossip about a relationship that has never actually been confirmed. To reiterate Valta's pursuit of privacy also her absence from social networks, her profiles have not been updated for some time or are private.

Diletta Leotta has never commented on the end of the relationship with Daniele Scardina. According to some rumors, the boxer, chosen by Milly Carlucci as a competitor of Dancing with the Stars, would have tried to win back the heart of the presenter without succeeding. The two had been paparazzi, precisely by the weekly Chi, in Sardinia, during a confrontation that took place outside a restaurant where Leotta had gone with some friends.

Alfonso Signorini's magazine described the meeting as follows: "He looks annoyed and doesn't feel like a scene in front of everyone. Daniele asks her to speak. She first niche, then decides to go outside the club to listen to her ex: we see her with a cigarette in her mouth and a nervous pose. The two talk for almost an hour. But the result doesn't change. Diletta is firm in hers, she doesn't want to reopen the story. The boxer, who just to whom he had declared "I will love him forever", leaves his ex and reunites with the group of friends ".

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