Who is Maria Rosa, the daughter of Christian De Sica

Chi è Maria Rosa, la figlia di Christian De Sica

Her name is Maria Rosa, the beautiful and talented daughter of Christian De Sica who works as a costume designer

Maria Rosa is the daughter of Christian De Sica and a famous costume designer. Born from the actor's love for his wife Silvia Verdone, she is the second child of the couple, who arrived after Brando. As beautiful as her mother and as passionate about cinema as her father, Maria Rosa decided to follow her family passion, but to work behind the scenes.

While her brother Brando studied as a director, Christian De Sica's daughter has established herself as a set and costume designer. “My famous surname has never been a problem – he told Grazia some time ago -. I may have had less privacy than other teenagers, but I have enjoyed constant stimulation. And I've always been proud to call myself De Sica ”. Maria Rosa is very close to her father and has always loved the world of cinema, so it was natural for her to work in this sector. “Cinema is part of my DNA – he confessed -. I grew up on the set, I heard about films even at dinner, since I was a child ”.

Following the desire to experiment some time ago he created the Mariù fashion brand, inspired by his nickname. “Mariù has always been my nickname – he explained -. And then the song Talk to me of love Mariù is linked to my family: the first to have sung it was my grandfather Vittorio De Sica in the film Men, what rascals … ".

Reserved and away from the spotlight, Maria Rosa De Sica never wanted to pursue a career as an actress, despite having inherited the family talent. “My dad always said I would be perfect – she revealed speaking of Christian De Sica -. But it's not in my character to expose myself, to use my image to play a character. I've always preferred to stay behind the scenes ”. Married to Federico Pellegrini, she also has an excellent relationship with her uncle Carlo Verdone, mother Silvia's brother, who was present at her wedding, celebrated in Capri.

"Federico won me over with his old-fashioned ways – she confessed, speaking of her husband -. The first time we went out together, he gallantly opened the door for me. Before him, no one had ever done it. The boys think it is an “old”, useless gesture ”.

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