Who is Martina Miliddi of Amici 2020

Martina Miliddi

Among the competitors of "Amici 2020" there is also Martina Miliddi is the dancer chosen by Lorella Cuccarini

Martina Miliddi is among the contestants of Amici 2020. Chosen by Lorella Cuccarini, the Latin dancer has a difficult story behind her, marked by grief for the death of her father. Twenty years and great determination, Martina comes from Assemini, a town in the province of Cagliari, and lost her father when she was only ten years old. The disappearance of the parent made the young dancer suffer a lot, who found the strength to get up thanks to dance. Determined and fragile at the same time, Martina excited Lorella Cuccarini who wanted her in the school of Maria De Filippi.

In tears, Miliddi recounted the loss of her father in a car accident. "Losing my father broke my heart, it was very hard – he confessed to Amici 2020 -. It is a chapter that I cannot close, it is a pain that has not given me respite for ten years (…) At ten I wanted to escape because I lost the most important person in my life ”. Martina then explained that she has a complicated relationship with her mother: "I don't get along so well with my mother, I hardly tell her anything, she doesn't even know I'm here".

Despite the difficulties of life, the competitor of Amici 20 has always managed to get up thanks to dance, a real constant in her existence. “For others, dancing was just a waste of time, they never believed in me,” he explained. To Lorella Cuccarini, Martina confessed to being very attached to her dance teacher. “When they took me, the first person I called was my teacher. She is my godmother and it is as if she were a sister, a best friend: she is my family – said the girl -. She created me, not only on an artistic level, but also as a person. She taught me some important values ​​that unfortunately I did not have and for this she will be forever grateful to her. His family is mine too ”.

Many interesting competitors have entered the Amici 20 school and are already making themselves noticed. The singing teachers – Rudy Zerbi, Anna Pettinelli and Arisa – have chosen Esa Abrate, Arianna Gianfelici, Luca Marzano (Aka7even), Giovanni Damian (Sangiovanni), Federica La Rocca, Leonardo Macchia (Elle), Giulio Musca, Letizia Bertoldi (La Lirica), Raffaele Renda and Carlo Evandro Ciaccia. Alessandra Celentano, Lorella Cuccarini and Veronica Peparini wanted the dancers in the school: Samuele Barbetta, Giulia Stabile, Martina Miliddi, Rosa Di Grazia and Riccardo Guarnaccia.

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