Who is Martina, Nek's (beautiful) daughter

Chi è Martina, la figlia (bellissima) di Nek

Martina is the daughter of Nek, the result of a previous relationship of his wife Patrizia Vacondio and very close to the artist

Martina is Nek's beautiful daughter. The young woman, born from a previous relationship of Patrizia Vacondio, the singer's wife, grew up with him. Martina and Nek are very close, so much so that the artist has always defended his privacy, keeping it away from the spotlight. However, he made an exception to the rule on the occasion of the girl's second degree, sharing on Instagram a shot in which he reveals all his pride.

"You wrote an incredible thesis, awarded with a medal of praise – wrote Filippo Neviani, posting a shot in which Martina smiles, immediately after discussing the degree thesis -. You have bewitched us all with your exposure and you have received the compliments of the whole commission that has used really flattering words for you. You have studied a lot, you have put in every moment of this path enthusiasm and passion and today you deserve this success, the second 110 and praise of your university career. You are the "revolutionary spark". You always have been. And we are proud of the person you are and will be ”.

Sweet words that have also been warmly welcomed by fans of the singer. The former artistic director of Amici has been married since 2006 to Patrizia Vacondio, a great love of his life from which he had his daughter Beatrice, who is nine years old. When the woman entered her life, she was already Martina's mother who was about a year old at the time. The girl then grew up with the singer and the two have created a very special bond over time. It is no coincidence that Martina chose to use Filippo's surname, that is Neviani. "It's something I owed him," he explained long ago.

"We protected Martina in the best way – said Nek, proud of Martina -. I was present in his life but with respect for the natural father with whom I get along. Martina made it easy for us. " After many years, on the other hand, the singer is still in love with his Patrizia. “The day in which life took better aim – he revealed at Vanity Fair – I was in the parking lot of a pub with a friend of mine. The headlights of the car lit up a pair of legs, and going up there were these dark eyes. I already knew her by sight. What a skid. "

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