Who is Massimiliano, Alessandro Borghese's brother

Chi è Massimiliano, il fratello di Alessandro Borghese

Massimiliano is the brother of Alessandro Borghese and the younger son of Barbara Bouchet

Massimiliano is the brother of Alessandro Borghese and the younger son of Barbara Bouchet. Born in 1989, just as the famous chef chose a different path from that of his mother who is an internationally renowned actress. In fact, he began a career in catering, but his work does not take place in the kitchen as for Alessandro, but in the dining room.

In fact, Massimiliano is a bartender and has been working in the Borghese restaurant in Milan for some time. He plays a key role and manages the room, making sure everything is always perfect. The two brothers are very close and have a great relationship, but they are also very reserved. Some time ago Alessandro had shared on Instagram a shot in the company of his brother to celebrate his birthday. Massimiliano looks a lot like Alessandro: the same intense gaze and the same smile. The two inherited their beauty from their mother Barbara Bouchet and their entrepreneurial attitude from Luigi Borghese.

Barbara Bouchet and Luigi Borghese were married for several years, giving Alessandro and Massimiliano a happy childhood. “My father Gigi made me discover the passion for cooking – he told Food Lifestyle some time ago – and thanks to him it became study and planning. Then my wife was the real luck of my life, everything changed with her. Wilma is a true force of nature, a mother who divides herself between home and office: how much she runs to do everything! When I met her in 2008, I had never had a stable relationship, always touched and run away as an unrepentant single! I saw her and fell in love for the first time and since then we have never left each other: we have become a family, with our daughters ".

Alessandro Borghese is married to Wilma Oliverio with whom he had daughters Arizona and Alexandra. If the sentimental and public life of the chef of Quattro Ristoranti is known to everyone, we know little and nothing about Massimiliano. Barbara Bouchet's second child is very reserved and prefers to work away from the spotlight.

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