Who is Massimiliano Ferrigno, the ex boyfriend (and great love) of Nadia Toffa

Nadia Toffa, the touching words of mother Margherita one month after she passed away

Massimiliano Ferrigno, whom you called Max, is the former boyfriend and great love of Nadia Toffa

Massimiliano Ferrigno is the ex-boyfriend of Nadia Toffa and the great love of his life. For months he remained close to the journalist of the hyenas while she fought her battle, until the last, tragic day.

The presenter died at the age of 40, killed by a terrible tumor that left her no way out. Nadia has never given up and has fought to the end, conquering everyone with her warmth and a positivity that has never abandoned her. She knew what awaited her, but this did not stop her from making the people around her happy. Not only her mother Margherita, her grandchildren and sisters, but also Massimiliano, the man of her life.

"After ten years we had taken a pause for reflection – Massimiliano Ferrigno told DiPiù -. (…) Nadia and I met every day until the day she left. I never left her alone for a moment. "

Author of the hyenas, Ferrigno has always worked behind the scenes of the show and also collaborates with other television programs. The first meeting between him and Nadia took place right backstage at the show. A beautiful and clean love story, lived away from the spotlight and protected by gossip, which lasted for ten years. Then a crisis in 2017 and the decision to separate for a while.

Following the diagnosis of cancer and the hard path of Nadia, faced together with Massimiliano, whom she simply called Max.

"She had found another man who then decided to leave – he revealed -. He was a boyfriend he had in recent months (…) I was the one to collect his last wish – he confessed -: to have Don Maurizio Patriciello at his funeral, the parish priest he had met during his investigation on the Land of Fires ".

To tell something more about the former boyfriend it was Toffa, who had posted a photo on Instagram that portrayed her together with Ferrigno.

"Yesterday evening of beautiful chatter and laughter – he had written -. I present to you who … one of the most important people of my life. And so it will be forever. Friend? Love? Brother? Partner in crime? It's all reductive ”.

"HE IS MAX. "MAX IS MAX". And I always call it Maxi. He is always there for me and so is I for him. Do you have a Maxi in your life? I hope so. (Ah when he sees us on Instagram he comes to my house and chokes me. Goodbye friends …) savor the beauty of life. Every moment is soaked – Nadia had added -. A smile, a look crossed by chance, a toast, a moment of embarrassment, a hand that removes the tuft of hair from before your eyes. I could make an endless list. Add you moments of beauty and a good life to everyone ”.

Nadia Toffa – Source: Instagram

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