Who is Mattia, Raoul Bova's beautiful nephew

Who is Mattia, Raoul Bova's beautiful nephew

His name is Mattia, Raoul Bova's handsome nephew who looks strikingly like the actor and partner of Rocío Muñoz Morales.

Mattia Bova is the name of the beautiful nephew of the well-known Roman actor. Blue eyes and great charm, he appeared on the artist's Instagram profile, sparking the curiosity of fans. In fact, Mattia looks a lot like his famous uncle with whom he has a special bond.

The young man grew up in Rome, but frequents Roccella Jonica, in Calabria, the place where Raoul's beloved father was born. Bova is very attached to those places where he runs as soon as he can, also embracing his family. Mattia is the son of Tiziana, the actor's sister, and he is only twenty years old. He has a very strong relationship with Beatrice Faenza, Raoul's other niece and daughter of his sister Daniela. The 22-year-old started a career in the acting world and in 2016 joined the cast of Quel on Friday, December 30th.

Even Mattia could soon launch into the world of entertainment starting a career that promises to be promising. The boy has in fact inherited all the charm from his uncle and in the shot published on Instagram the similarity is so strong that many followers point it out in the comments. Raoul is spending a summer dedicated to family: in 2013 he began a love affair with Rocío Muñoz Morales, a Spanish actress who stole his heart and gave him two daughters, Alma and Luna.

The couple, after the initial difficulties caused by the gossip about Bova's farewell to Chiara Giordano, are now experiencing a peaceful moment. In an interview with weekly F, Raoul explained that he is thinking about marriage with his partner. “It will come at the right time and when it does, rest assured that Rocío will be the first to notice,” he confessed. “He speaks with facts, he does not want to convince people to see it in a certain way, nor does he judge or care about the judgment of others – he added speaking of Rocío -. He is strong in what he believes in and what we are ”.

"Even if there is no specific age at which you become more mature, when you get close to 50 you lose less time – he revealed -. Life often takes a lot from you but you cannot allow it to take away the carefree and above all the curiosity. I find it very wise to always be able to live with the same honesty you had at 15 ”.

In addition to Alma and Luna, Bova also has two other children, Alessandro Leon and Francesco, the result of the marriage with Chiara Giordano. “I talk to them about my experiences, but I don't consider them an absolute – he explained -: we compare ourselves, we listen to each other and we put our various beliefs on the table. And I realize that they are right about some things ”.

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