Who is Mia, the beautiful daughter of Cesare Bocci and Daniela Spada

Cesare Bocci e la figlia Mia

Mia is the daughter of the well-known actor Cesare Bocci and his wife Daniela Spada: her story

Mia is the beautiful daughter of Cesare Bocci and Daniela Spada. Born in 2000, the young woman is very attached to both parents with whom she has a special relationship. Behind him he has a difficult story, marked by his mother's illness and by the strength of Bocci who has always remained by his side.

In fact, when Mia was just one week old Daniela Spada had a stroke that prevented her from taking care of the little girl for three years. A painful and unexpected event in front of which Cesare Bocci was fundamental to keep the family together.

“Imagine playing with the waves by the sea – he told OK Salute e Benessere -. And, while you are from behind, suddenly a giant wave overwhelms you and sucks you into a whirlpool of water. This is how I felt on April 1st twenty years ago, when Daniela, my partner, had a stroke while breastfeeding little Mia, a week after giving birth. I felt myself drowning, thrown between two rocks. On the one hand a mother in a coma, on the other a baby girl to look after ".

The actor from Montalbano therefore had to face the pain of his wife's illness and the difficulties related to the need to take care of a baby girl. "At first I rejected the idea of ​​having to hire a nanny to raise her – he confided -. As a good actor, I tried to play two roles, that of dad and mom together (…) Then, however, I gave up on the idea of ​​having to take an intruder to cheer Mia up. We found a very good nanny ”.

Over time, the situation improved and Mia, little by little, managed to recover the relationship with her mother. "I acted with my heart, but I think I made mistakes when Mia was little – confessed the actor -. Since Daniela was unable to hold her well in her arms, to give her milk or to read fairy tales, I exempted her from her role as a mother with an overprotective attitude ”. With the help of a psychologist, everything returned to its place: "When Mia woke up at night and called dad, I learned to help Daniela get out of bed to go to her room to calm her down".

Mia has grown up today and is gorgeous. The girl has a special relationship with both her father and mother. Brown hair and sweet look, she looks a lot like Daniela Spada. She lives in Rome with her family and is a model student as well as being a very reserved girl.

Cesare Bocci and my daughter

Cesare Bocci and my daughter

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