Who is Michela Ansoldi, the daughter of Iva Zanicchi

iva zanicchi e michela ansoldi

Daughter of Iva Zanicchi and her ex-husband Antonio, Michela Ansoldi is a psychologist and has a wonderful relationship with her mother

Far away, yet close. Michela Ansoldi is the daughter of Iva Zanicchi, a very reserved woman who has never liked to appear in public. Yet, in a rare interview, she told herself in the round and talked about her relationship with her mother: the physical distance was not able to distance them spiritually.

Born in 1967, Michela was born from the marriage between Iva Zanicchi and Antonio Ansoldi, a famous record artist: their union was interrupted in 1976, and recently the artist revealed that she had never really been in love with her husband, so much so that she had betrayed him towards the end of their story. But perhaps thanks to their daughter, the two have always maintained a good relationship. Always careful to stay away from the spotlights, Michela has chosen a very different path from that of her mother, and has become a psychologist.

Hers was not one of the most carefree childhoods: Michela suffered from the distance from her mother, since Zanicchi had resumed her business just a few weeks after giving birth. The artist has confessed on several occasions that he has a great regret for not having spent much time with his daughter when she was still very young and needed her presence more. "I have never seen her cry. At the age of 18, however, he revealed to me that my absence had suffered greatly. I was wrong not to take her with me on my business trips because I wanted to protect her, now I would change everything "- revealed Iva in an interview.

However, their bond has always remained very strong. Zanicchi was the protagonist, together with her daughter, in a beautiful interview with Barbara D’Urso, in an episode of Domenica Live. It is one of the very few moments in which Michela has allowed herself to the public, and it was really exciting to see the two women together. "When I need her, she is always there" – declared Iva on that occasion.

“My daughter is an extraordinary woman, exceptional. A wonderful mother and daughter "- with these sweet words, the artist describes Michela. And, perhaps to compensate for the long periods of absence when her daughter was little, Iva Zanicchi did not waste a moment in the growth of her grandchildren: Ansoldi is in fact the mother of two splendid boys, Luca (born in 1998) and Virginia (born in 2003).

vat zanicchi and michela ansoldi

Iva Zanicchi and Michela Ansoldi – Photo: IPA

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