Who is Michele Carfora, the ex-husband of Barbara D’Urso

Who is Michele Carfora, the ex-husband of Barbara D’Urso

Successful dancer, actor and teacher: Michele Carfora has been with Barbara D'Urso for four years, from 2002 to 2006

To be close to a woman with multiple talents like Barbara D'Urso it certainly takes a great deal of inspiration and passion for the show: this must be why, at the time, the spark struck with Michele Carfora, who has spent a lifetime in the spotlight.

Barbara D’Urso's ex-husband walked a theater stage for the first time at just 22 years old. It was in fact the year 1990 when he played Alan De Luca in the musical A Chorus Line and enjoying such a success that he made the leap in quality: he was catapulted from national to international stages, in the blink of an eye.

Biondo, with a statuesque and decidedly handsome physique, between 1992 and 1993 Carfora danced and acted in Cats, reaching Broadway together with an important American company. It is only the beginning of a great adventure: after starring in West Side Story, in fact, he participated in the first Italian edition of the musical Grease.

With him, on stage, there are two great names of the Italian show: Lorella Cuccarini and Giampiero Ingrassia. Grease consecrated him further as a prominent dancer and in the late 2000s, his success grew. He works with Valeria Monetti in Seven Brides for seven brothers and then goes on stage for Poveri ma belli together with Bianca Guaccero, with an exceptional director: Massimo Ranieri.

Just in the 2000s (it would seem at the end of 2001) he met Barbara D’Urso. There is love immediately between the two, to the point that D’Urso decided to embark on the relationship, making it serious and official, even if between her and Carfora there were twelve years of difference.

Not only that: the beautiful Barbara was so in love to say yes and remarry despite being already back from the failure of a wedding, the one with Mauro Berardi. The wedding was held in 2002, between flashes and guests of the star system: the D’Urso, dressed in white, was sparkling and visibly excited. Unfortunately, the love story did not have a happy ending: in 2006, in fact, the ex-spouses separated consensually.

For a long period of time, Carfora did not want to talk about her marriage to the presenter of Domenica Live. In fact, a bitter legal battle took place between the two, which ended only a couple of years ago. It seems that for this reason, in fact, there is no good blood between the two, even if D’Urso has never made any malicious declaration on merit to her ex-husband.

After the end of the marriage, Carfora immersed himself again in his theatrical career. Among the many works, the musical Quanti amori con musiche by Gigi D'Alessio, An American in Paris with Arianna Bergamaschi and her appearances in television fiction like Don Matteo stood out. Finally, for some years, he has been teaching in various Italian schools and academies.

Michele Carfora. Source: Facebook

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