Who is Natasha, the beautiful daughter of Umberto Tozzi spotted with Iannone

Chi è Natasha, la figlia bellissima di Umberto Tozzi avvistata con Iannone

Natasha Tozzi is the beautiful daughter of Umberto Tozzi spotted in the company of Andrea Iannone

Natasha Tozzi is the daughter of Umberto Tozzi, recently spotted in the company of Andrea Iannone, former partner of Belen Rodriguez and Giulia De Lellis. Born in 1989, very blonde and Instagram star, she is a very followed model and influencer, very close to her famous dad.

Natasha is the second child of Umberto Tozzi, the result of his love for Monica Michielotto, married in 1995. Natasha did not follow in her father's footsteps, but began a career in the fashion world, thanks to her success on social media.

Recently Natasha Tozzi was paparazzi by the weekly Chi during a dinner at the Radetzky Cafè with Andrea Iannone, MotoGP rider and former partner of Belen Rodriguez. It is not the first time that Umberto's daughter ends up in the center of gossip. In fact, in her past there is a love story with Stefano Ricucci, an entrepreneur and ex of Anna Falchi. At the time she was 24, while the real estate developer 51. "Now I'll stop. I want a family, a wedding, a child – Ricucci had said -. When I met Umberto, Natasha's father, he told me: “Stefano, please. I have one daughter, not two ””.

Tozzi and Michielotto also commented on the love story. "Stefano was a pleasant surprise because he is really very nice and good company, a man of charm", Monica had said, while Umberto had explained: "Of course their age difference worries me, but, I repeat, if she is happy I am too ". Shortly after came the breakup and a new relationship with Alberto Franceschi, ex of Alice Campello, who manages the footwear brand Hide & Jack and is the son of Fabio Franceschi, patron of Grafica Veneta, a company that became famous for printing Harry Potter.

Natasha has two brothers, with whom she has an excellent relationship: Nicola Armando, Umberto's eldest son, and Gianluca Tozzi, who in the past was linked to Raffaella Fico and made the singer grandfather of little Andrea, had by Sofia Valleri.

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