Who is Nayt, the rapper boyfriend of Matilda De Angelis

Matilda De Angelis confessed to being engaged to Nayt: who is the young rapper who bewitched the actress

Since Matilda De Angelis declared she was engaged, the manhunt began to find out who had stolen her heart. It was the actress herself who revealed who she is in an interview with the weekly Oggi. We are talking about Nayt, a young rapper well known in the youth music scene that the revelation of the Sanremo Festival called "an extraordinary person".

Twenty-six years old, one more than Matilda, William Mezzanotte, this is Nayt's real name, is an Italian rapper on which the critics had already set their eyes a few years ago, in 2018, when he entered the list of the most interesting news of the year on Spotify.

Molisano, from Isernia, Nayt has had a turbulent past, between drugs and constant school changes and a life divided between the home of his grandparents and that of his mother. Perhaps also for this reason his texts are so rich, albeit controversial, and not at all obvious, so much so that they have conquered an audience of very young people who see themselves in many of the difficulties he himself encountered.

In fact, on Instagram he boasts more than 400 thousand followers, despite having published only about twenty posts, probably because he prefers to create images with his words than with photos. He already has 6 albums, including the latest Mood, released in December, and several collaborations, from Emis Killa to Tha Supreme and Vegas Jones, as well as a book, I don't want to do normal things, published by Mondadori Electa. It was there that he talked about his stormy adolescence, with little money and a lot of trouble, and his rise in the rap and hip hop scene.

“I have always faced my inner conflicts in search of peace. When the war took a break, the silence revealed to me that balance is a boring thing ", we read in some passages.

“He is an artist with a crazy technique and poetics,” said Matilda De Angelis of him and proving to be one of his biggest fans.

Meanwhile, just in the days when everyone was wondering who he was, he released the new single, All the rest is us, and in presenting the song he could not help but ask some questions about his relationship with the actress of The Undoing, the character of the moment. It turns out that their relationship has been going on for a year and that things are booming (so much so that according to what emerged from an interview with FQMagazine, they seem ready to live together): "You have to work on yourself when you make mistakes with past stories. The important thing is to be open to life and everything. Nothing is certain … What works between the two of us? Well I guess what works … What the fuck do I know! Seriously, a love relationship is never one-sided. Sometimes it may seem that fate governs us, brings people together but in reality we want things, ”he said.

And speaking of Matilda's success in Sanremo he commented: “She was very good, I knew she would have broken everything”.

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