Who is Riccardo Guarnaccia of Amici 2020

Chi è Riccardo Guarnaccia di Amici 2020

Riccardo Guarnaccia is one of the five dancers of the new edition of Amici, a talent show broadcast on Canale 5 every Saturday at 2.10pm

Amici 2020 continues and new students have been added to the class of the most followed school in Italy: among these, the dancer Riccardo Guarnaccia stands out, the nineteen year old born and raised in Misterbianco, a town in the province of Catania, where he still lives together with mother and her two brothers. As a child he attended a dance school and from that moment the passion for dancing became his greatest love.

Riccardo Guarnaccia, therefore, got the bench thanks to his exciting performance on the notes of the piece by Roberto Vecchioni, I knew the pain. A touching and demanding performance for a young boy like Riccardo, which was well justified by his introductory speech. In fact, just before going on stage, the dancer introduced himself to the audience with these words:

My life is a succession of obstacles towards what I love to do, dance, even if life imposes limits on me, I try not to know limits.

Furthermore, during his presentation in the Amici 2020 study, the boy declared that he was very attached to his closest loved ones, calling himself "the sun of the family".

Curly hair, dark-haired and with an engaging smile, Riccardo immediately made clear his goal for this television challenge, which is to amaze professor Alessandra Celentano: the boy managed to win over teachers Veronica Peparini and Lorella Cuccarini, but – unfortunately – not Celentano convinced 100%. The dancer, however, was not discouraged and, once he got the bench, he promised the demanding teacher that he would make her change her mind.

As can be seen from his Instagram profile, Riccardo already has two tattoos: the number 17 on the index finger of his right hand and the phrase "As long as my heart beats, as long as my legs hold up" on his right forearm. The latter seems to be a dedication to dance, his reason for living.
Another interesting curiosity is his friendship with Riki, singer and finalist of the 2016-2017 edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Amici 2020 awaits you with new talents and new teachers – who, we recall, are Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini – every Saturday on Canale 5 starting at 2.10 pm, while daytime is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm on Italia 1.

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